Marketplace: Steam version and Xbox/Microsoft Gift Card

I bought MSFS on Steam. I was recently offered a Microsoft Gift Card and I would like to buy items on MSFS Marketplace with it. Is there a way to add the MS/Xbox Gift Card credits to my MSFS account?
When I go on the marketplace and click on “buy” on an item, there’s only a Steam window popping up proposing me to use or buy Steam credits. Should I conclude that I can’t use MS/Xbox Gift Gard on a Steam version of MSFS?
Thank you for your help.

PS: I searched the forum and couldn’t find any info. However, if my question has already been answered, please kindly point me to the answer and I’ll delete my post.

Hello @DrYtreza,

Unfortunately, Steam players are not able to make Marketplace purchases using an Xbox gift card. This is because Steam purchases are processed by Valve, not Microsoft, and they do not accept MS gift cards as a valid payment type.



Thank you for your clear and swift answer SeedyL3205.

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