Marketplace UI wishes - Any XBox UI experts who can explain it?

I’ve discussed this before, but I’d love to see the Marketplace UI updated so you can actually SEE the images of items they’re hoping you’ll purchase. I did see one vendor who was smart and made the description small and didn’t upload any images other than the 3148x2160 ones, and you could actually scroll through them and look at them in (almost) their full glory.

Is it a better experience on XBox? It seems quite kludgy on PC. It’s got potential, but, I don’t understand why you can’t hide (roll up?) the description so you can see images in the background.

And why are the only images that you can actually see always so stretched? They force you to create images in particular widths when you create your Marketplace data (not that I mind this, I think it’s smart to control UI like that), why aren’t they showing the images in their native size format? (I’m viewing on a 55" 4K monitor. I assume that’s not the issue?)

And why can’t you zoom up the smaller images. Even on a 55" monitor they are hard to see. I’m imagining this is possible on XBox, too, like hover and hit A or something?

Talk about shooting yourself in the foot by making the marketing view a poor experience. I’ll take my business elsewhere if I can’t get a good idea of what I’m purchasing looks like.

And while we’re at it (since it’s related), can we please fix the UI for choosing aircraft in the sim/hangar. On a 55" in Monitor, I can’t even get a good look at what I’ve got in my hangar. I get that’s it’s designed around choosing avatars, but, airplanes aren’t shaped like people. I think I’ve got something like 50 airplanes to choose from (I can’t imagine what it’s like for @BostonJeremy77 to choose aircraft). I used to curate my planes in FSX by a using a bunch of standard categories I developed for myself for ui_typerole (I had something like 200 aircraft in FSX I think, maybe more?). This UI doesn’t seem to honor that system any more, which makes it harder. (And here, it would be cool if you could assign multiple ui_typeroles to aircraft :slight_smile: )

Are there any XBox experts out there that can explain the thinking behind this UI experience? It doesn’t make any sense to me, but, I’m not an XBox user, and I imagine there must be a reason behind the design here.

Here’s a pie in the sky wish, I doubt it’s happening any time soon, but, wouldn’t it be cool if the Marketplace automatically created a “Hangar” like experience in the Marketplace for products, so you could view them in 3D before you purchased them? Even for airports, let you scroll around a bit. Heck, it could address at least a bit of the “Quality” concerns so many people have been discussing for the Marketplace.