Marketplace update and 4Simmers Europe Liveries 22/02?

The past 2 weeks the development road map shows marketplace update today 22/02.

So an update within next couple of hours?

4simmers liveries supposed to be this week.

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I thought it was always on Thursdays

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Indeed is marked as 22/02 in the roadmap calendar, but at the end of last week blog the next update is scheduled for Thursday as usual…


So I would say there is a 50/50 chance there is an update later today


Usually Thursdays. Originally at 2000 utc, later 2100, then 2200, last week past 2300.

So many time zones have been hopped week by week it is about time we cross the international date line and get a day or two back.

Nothing wrong with releasing the update early and leaving the hot towels, complementary pretzels and other frills until Thursday/Friday.

It will be today (Thursday 24th)

Yep should be better than bredok3d at least I got his pack 1 but not 2 as don’t need if 4 simmers has easyJet as that’s main 1 I want but rest are cool not gonna lie

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Yes I agree its gonna be awesome im also really looking forward to the easyjet. I did get the bredok ones just until these release. Its the little details that 4simmers include that I like :+1: like from the preview photos having easyjet written on the inside of the winglet tips where as the bredok one hasn’t got that :tired_face:

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Yes the wingtips having easyJet makes it that much better

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Yes mate I agree :+1:

To be honest, I’m more eager to see liveries for traffic than I am for my own plane! Need an add-on that looks at any callsign and then applies the correct livery. I’d pay mega bucks!


:joy::joy: well I have the NA pack and i have those liveries parked as static traffic in Bristol airport etc so I’m guessing this pack will do the same :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: very strange seeing jetblue and American Airlines at Bristol :joy:

You might find you’ll still get those ones plus the new ones at random, that’s how it seemed to work on PC.

I just want the game to match a livery with a callsign, so only BAW**** planes get British Airways, etc.

Edit: should probably call it a designator than a callsign


Get static aircraft it’s a step up also does anyone’s know what time the liveries/marketplace updates

Static is no good, I want flying, moving, live AI!

Anyway, it seems to conflict with a bunch of other add-ons so I’ll wait for simple traffic (if it ever arrives).

In UK around 11.30pm to midnight. When the Dev update drops.

Don’t be surprised if you just get 17 dreamscenery night lighting add-ons though :sweat_smile:

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Oh the night add ons are really mad at the moment but as long as 4 simmers Europe liveries is out I’m happy so 11:30 how do you find this out?

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So where do I find out when marketplace updates for myself?

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On the news and announcements section mate its will sayd dev update 24th February

I’ll remove the NA pack so just the europe ones will show i never fly in America anyway