Marketplace update and Game Pass - What if the Game Pass is cancelled?

As the title says, what happens if one has first used the standard edition of MSFS as included in the Game Pass, then upgraded on the Marketplace to the Premium Deluxe version and then again later decides to cancel the Game Pass subscription? I proceeded with steps one and two (ok, I know that was already a rather stupid choice) and I will probably keep the Game Pass for a while. However, as I am not gaming a lot, at one point in time I may want to cancel my subscription. Does anyone know that happens with my MSFS license in this scenario? Will it be downgraded to Standard? Will I have to pay a new amount to keep Premium Deluxe? Or will the license stay as is? Thanks for any advice.

If you cancel gaming pass, MSFS will no longer validate. If you purchase the standard edition (without gaming pass) you still have all that you purchased while gaming pass was active (game editions and marketplace purchases) - as long as you purchase using the same Xbox account.

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