Marketplace update?

It is not up to the devs…

I meant the devs if the 3rd party addons

Thank you for the clarification. I am not blaming the third party developers, because if I was, I wouldn’t be writing that I will buy their products directly from them if available on their site.
For most of the community who are not insiders like you, what is happening at the Market Place is leaving us with a sour taste. Thank you for telling us. Vendors, even after all the problems you indicated, can provide (some already have) their customers with a patch way before the update gets through the Market Place process. Cheers and thank you to them.

just flight have released god knows how many planes now and said they are still waiting on them to add it to the store. its been weeks since update but somehow the orbx plane was magically added with no issues


It’s really weird. Quality developers like JF having problems with publishing on marketplace and the ones like bredok, mscenery or captainsim just spam the marketplace whenever they like with whatever ■■■■ they want.


exactly. they should make it an open market place so developers can add products and updates when they want

The conspiracy theorist in me would argue that this is intentional. Giving the junk the green light first in the marketplace brings ‚them‘ money twice. First people buy the junk (because they want nice addons) unknowingly and after they have done that they can buy the good stuff again.

Especially on Xbox where there are no alternative stores and people are more likely to not have a history in flight simming and don‘t know review sites for addons and such. They see a supposedly nice 737 an go for it. When they are frustrated enough they will get a Chance to buy a proper addon. And they will.

Makes perfect sense to release the junk first onto the masses. If you put out a JF Piper first, the sales of shovelware take a hit.

There is pretty much no other explanation I can think of when the JF Piper is not released after 4 weeks!!! in possession of the files while junk is shoveled onto the marketplace with much less lead time. One other explanation could be, that the marketplace uses a LiFo system where the good stuff is buried under a load of constant shovelware addons. That would be as hilarious as disgraceful if the marketplace would operate this way.

Let’s hope that this stuff gets sorted out in the coming weeks (and we will finally see the JF Piper). Otherwise this would look really shady.

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There were a couple airport updates last night from the marketplace. Hopefully additional updates on Thursday ( 26 )

I would guess the JF delay is on their side - they’re trying to maximize their sales percentage off PC users on their own site, before taking the 30% MS hit by putting them on marketplace. That or they’re working to make the Arrows and Warrior XBox compatible before putting them out on the store.

MS takes only 12% since August

Microsoft Cuts Revenue Share Of PC Games To 12% | gameblur

MS Store isn’t the MSFS Marketplace. AFAIK - they’re still taking 30%, except for a couple preferred devs who get a better rate. I’d assume JF would qualify as a preferred dev though…

“Sadly, the improved terms for developers does not extend to games sold on the console store, whose revenue share is remaining unchanged at 30%.”

oh I see, then I misunderstood this. Thanks for the clarification.

JF confirmed via Twitter that they transmitted all files to MS 4 weeks ago. Hardly plausible that they give MS the files while saying ‚don‘t sell it‘.

well, they’ve all been patched since then, post-SU5, so they would have had to re-upload everything from scratch - so back to square one on the process

anyways - let’s see tomorrow if the JF planes and Carenado patches show up

Please do your research :


If you read the post directly above yours, you’ll see that this is not the case. Just Flight submitted the files to Microsoft on or before the 3rd of August.

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Yes, agreed and point taken :slightly_smiling_face:

I didn’t properly read the post I was replying too. My intention was not to criticise JF. I have a lot of time for them as a retailer. I have now deleted the comment.

Thanks for pointing it out :slightly_smiling_face:

My bad :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

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Is there another marketplace update today? Since there were a couple items added on Tuesday…

Have to hope so, they’ve got a bit of a backlog to work through.

Yep hope so too.

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