Marketplace updates are WAY too slow

I bought LVFR’s airport of LEMD a while ago, it is an excellent airport made with a lot of love, however, since SU5 there is a bug with all ILS’, none of them is placed correctly.

The developer updated the airport to version 1.0.3, and released it in their website and sent the updated version to Microsoft.

Today the marketplace was updated, but not LVFR’s LEMD, same has happened with other products such as the CRJ, the inclusion of the DC6 or FBW a320, which had to be removed.

Those of us buying from the marketplace to support Asobo should not have to wait for months to get updates, the process is way too slow, and even illegal websites have the newer version of addons available before the marketplace does. I don’t want to be forced to use a pirated version of the airport because the one I bought from the official store does not work/has not been updated.

Something has to be done to simplify the process and allow creators to send their updates directly to the platform without having to wait for weeks/months for approval.


Do Asobo get a cut of the Marketplace income? I thought that was all Microsoft.

Illegal websites hosting payware updates ? I’d think twice before I would trust that anyway ! keep in mind current delays are not caused by the summer holidays anymore, like it was a a month ago. Updates that are postponed now did not pass the MS validation process. It is the responsability of 3th party developers involved to comply to the rules, not MS’s fault. For PC, you could install things via other websites, but at your own risk.

That’s why you shouldn’t buy from Marketplace.


I guess he means the official sites from the devs? It’s the better option really.

Asobo changes something in the SDK, which breaks an addon. But they are limited in how many updates they can push through on already existing marketplace items. Sometimes taking months from released by the dev and pushed by MS. It’s crazy.

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Is there a topic in the “Whishlist” for it? If not, you should definitely make one, this is the easiest way to get attention on this issue.

I posted one 3 posts above :man_facepalming:

There’s no logical reason marketplace updates can’t be automated from the dev to the update system. There’s no reason for it to take weeks from when the update is handed over to MS and it’s publication.

New entries, yeah I can see that because of vetting et al, but an update for a published product - delays are unwarranted.

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The comment said “illegal” and official websites are not illegal. Installing updates outside MSFS is not the “better option”. The best option is to wait for properly validated addons and update things via Market place, if you’ve bought it via Market place. For XBox, it is the only way to do it.

Maybe he thought a dev selling it on his own site is not in line with the agreement with MS? :man_shrugging:

Buying from the devs site atm is definitely the better option for the reason I gave above.

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I believe they do, unless their studio is 100% owned by Microsoft, but I don’t really know

Exactly, that limitation has to be bypassed, otherwise the marketplace is WAY behind in updates compared to the third parties websites or pirate websites, which causes people not to buy in the marketplace.

That limitation has to be removed, the marketplace needs to become way more agile and allow 3rd party developers to quickly and directly update their products, just like steam does.

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Ooops, sorry!
The linked wish is quite specific, here is a more general one I found:

Like I said in another topic, the testing of all marketplace items by Asobo is crazy it’s like Steam would want to test ALL mods uploaded before releasing them.

Not to mention that their testing is pointless with all the horrible stuff still being released on it.

It’s only going to get worse too, as more and more items on the marketplace need an update.

Thanks for the URL, could not find it, voted.

Exactly, the system is unsustainable, and everytime it gets slower, this is imo one of the main bottlenecks causing Microsoft to earn less money than they should.

You said that, but I don’t agree. When you buy something in Market place and then update via another source, because you don’t want to wait… you don’t know if it will connect. When you buy on the developer website and update via developer website, that is ok. Or… you buy via Market Place and update via Market place. If you mix up things, you run into certain risks. When you use the same source, you are sure the update connects properly.

That’s not what I said at all? You can’t update via the dev site if you paid on the marketplace. That’s why you have to buy at the devs site, it’s way quicker to get updates.


That is not how it goes.
If you buy a product in the marketplace, lets say version 1.0, and the 3rd party developer is already in version 1.3 and you cannot get it from the marketplace nor the developer, but you can go to a pirate website and get the newest version. While I do not approve that practice, at least in Spain it is legal to do so, since you own and have payed for the original product.

Anyways, my point is you should not be forced to do that, since it is dangerous for your PC and the issue could be easily solved if the marketplace updated instantly the products.

Depends on the addon and the update. Same source will work. As long as you use the same source, versions will connect. When payware is involved and the update really takes too long, I would remove the Market Place version, install from the developer site and update via the developer site.