Marketplace Warning

Hi all
I would like to start this by pointing out that I love MSFS2020. I believe it is a fantastic product and I get lots of enjoyment from it.

However I have serious problems with the marketplace

I have a several products from the marketplace.
2 of which will not work
Both have patches released by the developer which make the product work in both the previous version and the current version after Worlds update VI
I have raised tickets with Microsoft however all I get is World update VI will addressed these issues
However world update VI has made no difference.
I bought the products from the marketplace, in good faith expecting them to work
Over a month later I still have not been able to enjoy a product I bought in good faith
Microsoft refuse to refund my money which I would then use to get the same items from the developer which I know have a working versions

Finally, I understand most of you reading this probably know the issues, I am posting in the hope that someone from Microsoft will be reading this post and act on the marketplace issues, so that others do not spend money on a product that will not work


If you are from a country that has consumer protections that apply to online products, I’d open a new ticket asking for a refund and quote that law. Note not all consumer protection laws treat online products like they do physical products.

If you still don’t get a satisfactory result, I’d go as far as to ping the community team here and ask them to advocate on your behalf with the Support Team.

This horse ■■■■ is just not good enough. Microsoft has catastrophically failed to run the marketplace, and they need to stop scamming customers.


Totally agree with you. Having the same problems with two well known Developers that for sure don´t sell scam. One of them sendet the working update on July. On the Marketplace side nothing happens. The scenery from the other developer had no issues until WU VI. Microsoft can´t fix everything right away, but at least it could listen to their customers and help. But no nothing happens.

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