Marketplace wrong airport downloaded - KEYW instead of CYVR

I made a purchase in marketplace for CYVR but KEYW was downloaded instead. How do get right airport? Purchase was paid via Steam but I think it was MSFS marketplace that downloaded the KEYW airport showing KEYW owned instead.

Hi @godzilladad, welcome to the forums.

Please file a support ticket on Zendesk under marketplace. Explain the situation to them. If they try to send you to Steam Support, tell them that Steam will send you straight back to MSFS as they completed their end of the transaction by billing your credit card, and issuing the credits to the Market Place.

If you still cannot get proper help, please @mention me here and I will try and chase this up in the new year.

Thanks! Will try to chase this down.

what was the outcome?

Key west is a good airport. I have it. Just saying. I am going to get CYVR soon.

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