Where can I find information about refunds of Marketplace items?

Also what are FlightSim Credits?



Just curious, why refund?

Because the quality of the product my not be as expected. The items may not run. All valid reasons and why steam is a great platform.


Because until now I made plenty of bad experiences in the flight sim community where people asked for a lot of money and at the end it wasn’t any good. And I think if people can try out something with potential refund they are more likely to buy something and eventually keep it.


I was actually wondering whats wrong with it…

Oh, my bad. I didn’t buy it yet :slight_smile:

Ah I see! I was thinking of going for that one too, but wasn’t sure :smile: Thanks!

Unlike Steam games, 3rd-party DLC ‘addons’ in the flight sim community are traditionally non-refundable once it has been activated, so I don’t expect there would be a refund system available.

Best to first read up on reviews (e.g. and the forums (like this forum, or other places like the r/flightsim subreddit, or regarding the developers’ reputation on quality. Many developers also host their own forums for customers to discuss issues and suggestions.

I wouldn’t put much stock in a review from FSElite or any other similar site looking for site traffic. Most of these reviews never fault anything. The best is to peruse the forums to see what other users have to say.
My guess right now is many of these add-ons are just ported over from other simulators. So I think they will only be marginally good.
I could be wrong but I will be waiting for users to post there own experiences before I purchase any of them.
Lessons learned from the past. I have way to many planes in other sims that never had real problems corrected.
A 24hr. refund system should be a given.


Be neat if they gave us a 30 min trial of the products, I mean it its totally possible with an ingame marketplace.

See this post on zendesk under “in game issues”.

It is suggested in that relevant section that if you can’t find an answer elsewhere then you can Contact MSFS in-game Support Team :

There’s also prior experience. Nothing particular outstanding comes out of the first year or two after a platform’s release, simply because development takes time.

AFAIK right now Asobo haven’t even finished the SDK, so take any addons released right now as being either basic or not optimised. However I didn’t expect Flightbeam (one of the best scenery designers in the biz) to be amongst the first out of the gate.

That’s why I always pay with a credit card. Luckily there are financial regulations around this, a lot of these companies will say “no refunds” but in reality they’re not allowed to say that. Always pay with a credit card/paypal and you’ll always be entitled to a full refund. At least in the UK anyway… Other countries may have different rules and regs

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A good refund policy, or at least an option to try the plane on an imposed environment, would make me pull the trigger on things I’m hesitant

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No idea about the laws & regulations at your place, but over here software that has been activated is considered ‘used’ and cannot be returned, and virtually all brick-and-mortar retailers do not accept refunds on software. The bank would probably refuse if I did a chargeback.

Steam’s refund policy, while great for consumers like us, isn’t common. As such it’s buyer beware.

This is not entirely accurate. The SDK is finished enough that you can put out a really high quality product. We’ve had access to the sim for half a year, plenty of time to output a quality airport for launch. The reason we haven’t seen many other addons available right now is the release date was a bit of a surprise to everyone.


Thanks for clarifying.

Here it’s law that you have to be refunded if you feel the product doesn’t match what was advertised. You’ll lose the digital product which is why these companies shouldn’t be saying “no refunds” because they have the means to refund and remove any digital content.

I recently done this with a gaming server that offered payware content but after I had bought it I was unable to use any of the items or it would only let you use them in very rare circumstances. This was not advertised at all and paypal refunded me the money without asking a single question.

Digital content should not be considered software though as it’s content, not software. In the case of flight sim the software is flight sim any market place items are digital content and come under the same consumer laws as any other physical item… At least in my country.