MARSEILLE TO GENEVA - Multiplayer Event Saturday, October 16th, 2021 - FSB

Multiplayer Event


Date / Time October 16th,2021 - 02:00 PM CDT /// 1900Z /// 20:00 GMT
Sim: Microsoft Flight Simulator
Server: EAST USA
Departure ICAO: LFML
Arrival ICAO: LSGG
Aircraft recommendation: JMB VL-3 Evolution, X-Cub, C172, Junkers JU 52
Aircraft not recommended: Anything less powerfull than listed above will not make it to the summit of the Mont Blanc!

From the warmth of Marseille, a 2600 years old city on the Mediterranean shore, to the quietness of Lake Geneva, let’s get aboard some very light but capable planes (such as the JMB VL-3 Evolution with its panoramic view) and explore the French Alps and its beast, the higher summit in Europe, Le Mont Blanc (15 774ft).

A few stops are planned and a few more are possible. We can make some touch and go as well or circle over airfields, lakes or large valleys while the slowest planes catch the group.
Most airfields are quite large. For those that present difficulties (relatively short or trees in the approach), you will be warned before we get there.

Takeoff is at 1900Z. Latecomers can always join along the way. The flight time will be between two and three hours long. If you stay with us all the way, that’s great. But if you have to leave early, that’s no problem either. We will make a 10 minute break at Alpes d’Huez (LFHU).

Flight Conditions

WEATHER & TIME: Daytime, Live Weather or preset of choice.
WEATHER & TIME recommendation: 8:00am (local time), scattered clouds.

Important Event Links

Optional aircraft but recommended as these are usually part of the lineup during group flights

Discord Flight Sim Break

** Push To Talk is REQUIRED!**

“Join when you can, leave if you must” is the philosphy when it comes to attending the FSB group flights. It is totally fine to arrive late and join up at the second, third, fourth, or whatever leg we are currently on. Or even mid air! Then, if you cannot stick around for the full flight, feel free to leave. We hope you will come back the next weekend too.

Other Information

Please post event screenshots in the #group-flight-pics channel.
Voice channel highly recommended even if you can’t speak. We tend to have a lot of fun in voice :wink: We also announce breaks and additional info in voice chat and we help you with flying techniques if you have questions.

Flight Plan

VFR_Marseille-Provence_LFML_to_Geneva_LSGG.pln (13.5 KB)

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We are approaching the date… You still have time to think about which plane you are going to take to the Mont Blanc with us this saturday!

On the agenda: some tricky maneuvers and breathtaking scenery.

I hope we’ll be numerous and can make an incredible group flight in the Alps.

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10 hours to go… Have you prepared your warm clothes? Because it will quickly become freezing in our cabins, 15 000 ft above the ground, surrounded by glaciers!

Check your engines, your oil levels and your wings, you will need as much power and aerodynamism as you can get with your birds :slight_smile:

See you later, on Marseille’s tarmac!


Sounds fun! I will check it out.


Three hours to go… Join the Discord if you want and get prepared :slight_smile:

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Departure in a little less than an hour! Get ready everyone!

See you in 20 minutes!

That was an epic group flight!! Thanks all!!! Especially to Lord Frites who created and hosted the event :slight_smile: .

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