Massive FPS drop because of SU9

VR same settings (no repro), same Area (somewhere in the german pampa), nearly same weather etc.

up in the Air
before 40-45FPS, now 26-35 FPS

before 36-40FPS, now 22-32
but less stutters

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I never thought about that aspect.

I don’t pretend to know what changes were made that caused the traffic settings to be so much heavier in this update. I just take a little time after each update to identify the changes, and adjust for them.


Yooooo that’s a good point. More real world traffic, combined with fixes to Sim and AR traffic of all kinds appearing in the game could totally be the cause.

You uninstall the ones in the areas you won’t fly and only keep the one you will use.

Search 3D photogrammetry cities and make sure the objects show itemized by clicking where the yellow arrow is pointing and restart the sim every time you delete them to see any changes. Adding them does not need a restart.


Are you saying that currently with or without the PG cities installed your performance is still good? because that has been a known issue for a while and make sure you have photogrammetry on when testing.

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I’m saying that in spades: I did tests removing ALL 3D PG cities, All except Germany for one test, tried US cities as the manifesters of this issue, and there is ZERO DIFFERENCE. Performance remains essentially exactly as it was before, all Ultra, RS 120, AF 16x, SS 8x, flawless performance gate to gate exactly as it’s been. Vsync to 30 and rock solid. As was previously the cast Terrain LOD is by far the most important contributor to main thread overload, and this is the only variable I change based on departure and more importantly, arrival airport. The range if 100 (rare) to 400 (more rare!) w/ an average T-LOD of 160. O-LOD always at 200. I mention this to prove the PG cities issue does not affect all users, and also that SU9’s impact on performance does not affect all users. As stated the Avsim poll indicates ~15% of PC users experienced some kind of significant issue w/ SU9 including performance, and 85% did not.

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This is nothing new. If I recall correctly we had the exact same pattern when WU3 and SU5 were released. Many said everything was fine and only a few pointed out the issues (Mostly stuttering, graphic-related stuff and bad FPS. So basically the same story all over again.)
As a result every issue pointed out by the minority of users has been acknowledged and fixed by Asobo back then.
And it is also important to point out that this thread gained 95 votes within 2 days.
I am 100% sure that everyone is affected by the same bugs in that case as well, but many of them just do not realize or are too minor to for them to ignore it.

I am positive that we will get a statement by Asobo soon with a possible HF on the horizon.


Thanks … :nerd_face:

Do you have the same issue if you follow the OP’s steps to reproduce it?


Provide extra information to complete the original description of the issue:

GPU usage is 55% at KLGA on the ground. and main thread is in yellow 27ms. I always test in PMDG dc6 KLGA runway 4 storm weather and 12am

If relevant, provide additional screenshots/video:

That is true, the issue does not happen to every user. I asked him specifically because it seemed like the workaround helped but then it suddenly was not needed.

here before i had 60-70 fps

and always the loading icon its running on bottom right…

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The loading icon thankfully disappeared w/ SU8 and thankfully again remained gone w/ SU9. I had zendesked it at least 3x and was stoked it was apparently addressed in SU8.

If i turn ON dev mode the FRAME RATE come back!!!
and the loading icon disappear


@BidImpala169680 I believe that’s an issue they are currently investigating.

I’ve done many flights now post SU9 and there is no increase in traffic in my experience, performance is excellent as it was in SU8.


Totally agree.

I tried this just because, and there was no difference whatsoever. Installed or un-installed the performance was the same.

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@JetWash1023 Just to make sure… did you restart the sim after deleting the 3d PG cities? Only then you may see a change.

No we did not, although I also suspect clouds adding to the Main Thread’s burden.

No problems for me.
At London Heathrow (EGLL) I had the airport full of AIG Traffic and also the sim’s own realtime / live traffic.
I can pan the view around, both inside the FBW A320NX cockpit and outside, and it’s as smooth as it’s ever been.

My system is a Dell 8940 i7, with 16GB RAM and an RTX2060 GPU. Screen resolution is 1440p.