Massive FPS drop because of SU9

did not change anything for me… but some people here on the forums also claim it had helped them. Im still pretty happy getting around 30 fps average but i remember it being a lot better/smoother too before su9. 2070s i9900k 32gb. 1080p

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The Maverick although great in concept is incredible to play with such low FPS.


It baffles me how the the performance on the ground has taken a hit like that with SU9. I literally just landed on a remote airfield in the desert near Vegas and my FPS immediately sinked to the low 20s. As soon as i take off (100 ft in the air is enough) and the FPS shoots back to the high 30s. SO WEIRD!

Hope “the investigation” is going well. Voted by the way.


Tried the NDU tweak for myself and it absolutely trashed MSFS performance on my system.

  • Back to default setting and MSFS performance has been restored.

Very interesting considering my system is quite similar to the OP’s: Win11, Ryzen 5950X, RTX 3090, 64GB RAM.

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It is likely that for those that find the NDU tweal works; it’s because doing that NDU tweak is covering up another system issue


Did something specifically change in MSFS today? All day today I have had terrible performance. Not after SU9 or even the patch.

Loading times, both to start MSFS and start a flight have dramatically increased. And when I get a flight to start it is nothing but low fps and stutters. Pc is healthy, everything else works fine. No new addons. and no new changes to my pc. I was lucky not to have many issues till now.

Tried emptying the community folder and that made things worse… Just took 20 minutes to start the sim and starting a flight is yields a ctd…

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I think it also deals with the servers in any way. Maybe it is saturday or whatever. There are times that is impossible to fly. You can be at the end of the world, there is nothing no traffic etc. and stutters frames from 1 to 5 etc.
This sim has so many performance problems like a first beta version. I do not get it. So many people got problems, no solutions but marketing like races etc. I do not need wu who makes everything more worse as before.


Just unbelievable, they ask us during QA to wait and understand…
Been more than a month since SU9 release and we can’t fly properly.
IMO they hope for dlss to save the day.t
Sure 100% they check forum, they are probably more on it than us.


I have similar experiences about FPS drop during landing. I landed to CED3 airport which is far away from big cities. FPS drops to 10-15 and heavy stutter starts during landing. I tried to fly above the airport and noticed that 100-200ft above ground is the level where FPS drop start. Above that level everything is smooth and FPS is normal (30 which is locked in NVIDIA settings).


The CPU load is the main issue though, DLSS cant solve that.


true, you got me there !!! :rofl:

DX12 well coded sure could do something about it. Both should give best of both worlds :wink:


im starting to think Asobo is struggling to fix this


Where is youre Lod? Lowered mine incl filtering to 4x that helped me

Still not tried it, that warning sign makes me unsure…

Do you have the same issue if you follow the OP’s steps to reproduce it?


Provide extra information to complete the original description of the issue:

I’m on Xbox it is the same, The game suffers from slowdowns to give the headache

If relevant, provide additional screenshots/video:

I keep mine around 100, when I get my new processor hopefully I can increase that

The good news is that it’s a free-to-try tweak.

If it work’s for you, GREAT! — If not, just set it back to the original value, reboot, and be on your way…

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no increase or change with this „fix“

Was fine few days after Maverick DLC then went from 30-60 on ground (~30-40 in air) depending on airport - now getting 10 regardless of what plane.

Most items are a combo of medium or high. Limited NVIDIA control panel to 30FPS.

All drivers up to date.

Took off the Maverick DLC, no change.

i5-8400Coffee 2.8
32GB Ram
1070 with 6gb

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