Massive FPS drop because of SU9

Ok guys i have a track of the issue maybe, i have remove all 3D cities photogrammetry and i have lets photogrammetry on ON my FPS come back normaly, after i have reinstall again all 3D cities but i have reinstall first France, Japan and Italy, after that i have restart my game, and after reboot i go to KLAX and no FPS drop anormaly… so after that i have reinstall the rest of 3D citie previously uninstaled (USA, Germany etc…) restart the game again after and i have always no FPS drop again… i have test in Los Angeles KLAX and my FPS is good now with the same setting than before… before my game only had 8 - 13 FPS and yet with the same setting… this is very anormal and i think the problem is the 3D citie of the World Update (texture maybe acumulated i dont know…) but Asobo please fix this, for info my game has 25 FPS now at KLAX with the same setting (Ultra, photogrammetry ON with all citie 3D of the world update) and before with exactly the same setting again I couldn’t even get past 10 fps, Asobo you need to investigate your world update you have définitly a problem here

Ah and I also noticed another problem too, when i have the white circle on the down right of the screen i have a big stutter or fps drop too (especially during takeoff or landing), when i activate the dev mode the circle disapere and i have no more problem, he reappears only when i shut the engine of the plane and when i finish the flight and my FPS drop at this moment again anormaly, my FPS drop anomarly all time on all airport after finishing a flight (after the feneter with the logbook) and i constat all time the white circle at the same time when i shut the engines so i think he have a problem here too…

Sorry for my english again

I think create a topic for this… it has to be visible for Asobo patch this issue…

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Massive stutters when panning camera around (or flying low, or taxiing, taking off) were NOT fixed in Sim Update X even though it was promised to be fixed. Asobo, you can’t be serious about this.

  • Terrain Pre-Caching is of course on ultra
  • On DX-12 it’s even worse

For me i have a big amelioration for FPS (especially in airports where there are cities in photogrammetry) now photogrammetry work good and not instable but yeah i have too the stutter (sometime for my case) but enter the Sim Update 9 and now the Sim Update 10 this is the day and the night for the FPS, good job Asobo for this

For info my config is I7 7700k, GTX 1080, 16 GB of RAM and i run on 1920x1080 Ultra with weather, trafic live and photogrammetry ( and just the LOD at 160 on 400) i have not tested DX 12 for the moment

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sorry… but, beside of these red-markers in fps-counter, which I dont care about, I see no " Massive stutters" in that video…

Same here. I even have stutters in the menus. I am using v-sync so you would not expect a 3090 card to be overloaded in the menus.

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TBH SU10 is way more FPS intensive than SU9 I was getting 50 to 60 now I get 25 to 30 on same settings as I had in SU9