Massive meet up?

I think it would be cool if we could all spawn in the same area/airport and fly around. I could record it from my point of view and show everyone what it looks like.

I’m new to this forum, has this massive meet up been suggested and done already?

Joylesstunic738 add friend

We’ll fly

PS-We’ll all have to be on the same server if we meet up. I’m usually on East USA server


If you want to join group flights easily, check out the Events page at the top of the forum page. Also, keep and eye on this page:

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Hi @JoylessTunic738!
This sounds like fun! As @hobanagerik pointed out, there is an Events Calendar category as well as a #multiplayer category.

In #multiplayer is a subcategory called: #multiplayer:find-a-friend

Please use one of those categories. I’ll move your post to #multiplayer:find-a-friend

Happy flying!


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