Massive problems for mouse interaction on Asobo 747-8 cockpit

Mouse fails to open covers, rotate switches in almost the entire cockpit area of the 747 after the update!

This new update is ATROCIOUS, I cannot use my mouse on the world map anymore, i cannot zoom in select anything, how they made a barely functioning program function even less is beyond me! I cannot submit a new error as i am out of the ability to submit. How about you make a game that lives up to its hype!

Try to set the cockpit interaction to “Legacy” in the settings.

Did not work. Asobo/Microsoft broke something big on the 747.

I was having the same issue in the Cessna. Took me a little while to notice that the Mouse mapping had changed. There was a default profile and another, and after switching it I had full control of the cockpit again. The updated must have switched profiles. Hope that’s the same for you.

I’ll try to clarify to narrow things down. Symptom only seems to occur on Asobo B747-8. No issues on any other aircraft, including 787-10. Setting cockpit interaction to Legacy has no impact. This is a load from Windows Store. No 747 mods in community folder.

I have my custom profiles loaded and verified. Thanks.