Massive Sim 32 Community Flying Group

Hi everyone! Just letting you know that our amazing community is growing and you are all welcome to join us. Flying four times a week we run the following schedule:

Monday - Around USA Tour in your favourite single piston and twin (we even have TBMs and Spitfires come along on this tour)
Tuesday - TBM Tuesday (Send us a flightplan and if your name comes up on the wheel we will fly it and you can even host it - and yep TBM’s only)
Wednesday - DC6 Redbull Rescue Tour (Africa to Austria)
Saturday - DC6 Redbull Rescue Tour (Africa to Austria)

Yep - we do two legs a week in the DC6 and if you own the Flying Iron Spitfire you can join our escort crew.

So come along and enjoy our community of like-minded sim pilots as we make the most of what this incredible simulator has to offer.

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