Massive Sim 32 DC6 Australian Tour Leg 15

The tour continues! Only three legs to go! This one takes us from Ayers Rock Airport to Coober Pedy. 1.75 Hour flight time. Please use PMDG DC6B with only the PMDG Ansett Livery as other third party liveries can cause issues in the simulator. See you all on the ramp. Flights Depart 9.30PM AEST/11.30AM UTC. Please note that the IN-SIM departure from Ayers Rock will be 7AM.

It’s recommended you purchase and install this scenery for the best possible experience (NOT MANDATORY) β†’ Ayers Rock - Uluru (YAYE) MSFS – AUscenes

Join the discord server for NOTAMS and updates β†’

Server - West USA

Comms - DC6 Australia Tour (Discord Server Channel)

15 IFR Ayers Rock (YAYE) to Coober Pedy (YCBP).lnmpln (1.6 KB)
15 IFR Ayers Rock (YAYE) to Coober Pedy (YCBP).pln (2.0 KB)

EVENT REMINDER AND NOTAM - Please ensure you install the latest version of the DC6 from PMDG Ops Centre - See you all on the ramp tonight.

Would you mind reposting the refreshed Discord link please?

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Here you go β†’

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