Massive Sim 32 DC6 Redbull Rescue Africa/Austria Tour Leg 4

Details for Leg 4. Please note that flightplan importing issues have now been solved. MSFS .pln files should now load in correctly. Flights leave Wednesday 2130HRS AEST/1130HRS UTC. Please be on the ramp at least 15min prior to departure for the flight briefing. Fly the DC6B in PMDG Redbull Livery. For those not flying the DC6, Corsair or Spitfire, please fly something appropriate for the journey. We will be up to FL180 for this leg. METAR and TAF will be posted closer to the event. Flightplans are attached for Little Nav Map and MSFS. See you on the ramp.

West USA Server

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04 Entebbe Intl (HUEN) to Arba Minch (HAAM).lnmpln (1.7 KB)
04 Entebbe Intl (HUEN) to Arba Minch (HAAM).pln (2.1 KB)


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