Massive Sim 32 North to South - East Coast USA Tour Series Leg 1

Apologies to all for the delay in commencing this tour. Systems are all back on line and I’m proud to announce the details of Monday Nights North to South USA series. Come along with me from Hancock Co-Bar Harbor to Key West International - a trip that spans more than 1,500NM. Taking in amazing sites along the East USA coast, this is a trip you won’t want to miss! Each Monday we will fly approx 1.5 hours with departure at 9:30PM AEST/11:30AM UTC on the West USA Server. Leg 1 is Hancock to Norwood - See you on the ramp!

Aircraft - Light Twin or Single Piston - use an aircraft that you’re comfortable with. This isn’t a race though.

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Server - West USA

Comms - In Discord - USA Tour

01 VFR Hancock Co-Bar Harbor (KBHB) to Norwood Meml (KOWD).lnmpln (2.9 KB)
01 VFR Hancock Co-Bar Harbor (KBHB) to Norwood Meml (KOWD).pln (3.9 KB)

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Event reminder - See you on the ramp!

Are there any preferences for weather settings? Live weather & UTC time or can we set as preferred?

Hi mate - Due to system issues this flight is delayed to next Monday.
However we all use live weather with an in-sim time of 4pm.

Hi All. Please see new details for this event. We had to delay by a week due to system issues. All good to go now so see you all Monday, and sorry once again for the delay.

Hi Mate. We use live weather for this tour and set sim time to 4PM. See you Monday!

is the discords link broken? :s

It might have expired. Try this one

Bonanza suitable ?

Sure is. Good choice.

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