Massive Thanks for the Turbulence Assist Option

How about hire a real pilot to evaluate what they come up with. If none of the developers are pilots then this explains a lot! They should all be required to get their VFR minimum. Instrument rating would be nice too.

I’m serious. How do you build a simulation of flying and not fly a plane yourself? How would you know what it’s like up there? Yes, sometimes it’s BUMPY as S#IT, but not ALWAYS, and not the way they have it implemented. I’m glade they gave us an option to mitigate it. They do make a pretty Bing Ball to fly around in though.


Back in the 80’s to just have graphics onscreen was a huge accomplishment. I see your point, and don’t expect it to be perfect. It should be realistic and not an annoyance that makes VFR flying undesirable.

I love flying low and slow with some aircraft. Because I fly IRL, I can only fly in VR. Its more realistic, and hugely immersive. But the constant back and forth up and down. Wind gusts all over the place just kinda ruins it. I like progress and advancement, but it should be thought out and implemented only when it’s ready. Adding things just to check off a list, and stay on a schedule, isn’t real progress. Especially when it breaks the immersion or worse, the sim.

Turbulence is a big part of flying, as is weather and clouds. They add immersion to the sim and when it works, its awesome. I just want it to work all the time and be accurate to real life.


That should change imo

Have the sim read PIREPS and SIGMETS and inject those into the sim, they have the data pretty much made for them just have the little varibale turbulence (incloud, wake, etc)

I agree. For the VR experience i bet they need to get rid of the added camera movement effects they have in the sim. In VR we do the effects with our own head. And those effects they add is not how we’re moving our heads. I think that would be a good start. The camera in the sim doesn’t feel like a head. It feels more of a camera that is glued to the plane.


I completely understand what you are saying here, and honestly, I agree with you. But this will never happen. What you describe, is how the weather engine operated when it was at it’s best. The weather engine didn’t depict METARS pixel for pixel cloud coverage and precip. The weather engine gave a believable depiction of the weather, that was fluid, and alive, WITHOUT jarring weather updates, and halos around AWOS stations. A small faction of vociferous people cajoled Asobo into puting METAR info directly into the sim, which lowered the weather experience significantly. I’m afraid, your idea will receive the same pushback. I think it’s a good idea, but I’m not hopeful it will be considered by Asobo as a viable option, and the community will not like it.


I know there’s some talk in the forums about turbulence problems but I didn’t know about the Turbulence setting in Assistance Options til today. Wow, changed it from the default to ‘Realistic’…and such an improvement for realism.