Matterhorn elevation error

Just downloaded

… and the mountain looks great

BUT… don’t fly too low :open_mouth:

Note it even throws a shadow… it must be 100’s of meters off… or Bing is… cache is off here, so there is no difference.

One of the world updates broke that one. There is another matterhorn referred to in the comments of the one you linked. The one in the comments seems to have been fixed. Try that one instead

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Eej thanks pal, I’m going to try that version now :smiley_cat:

Improved ! North flank is now much better in harmony with the surroundings,

Part of the South-flank is still off, there’s some mysterious cave now :smiley_cat: you can still fly under it

btw just found the website of the folks that did the Bing scenery, maybe they did some kind of update ?