Maule M7 by Pilot Experience Sim

The Maule had a huge update yesterday. Check the following link for a review, plus list of changes at the bottom:

@SawadaSensei If you read this, there is a spelling mistake on the EFB: Equipment (instead of Equipement).

I think the article mentions that the update will be made avaible during the next 2 or 3 weeks. Still good to hear but noteworthy that the update hasn’t gone live yet.

Update went live a few days ago -

It went live a few days ago. But will likely be on the Marketplace in 2 weeks.

I’m confused, it’s spelled Equipment, not Equipement. Did you reverse them?

Incorrect spelling, currently on the EFB: Equipement
Correct spelling: Equipment

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Still stock Bo sounds?

Okay, tempted to pick this up on the Marketplace sale; it’s $17.99, which is a bit more palatable than $26.

(Not saying it’s nor worth $26, I just have a huge STOL fleet already!)

How are we feeling about the latest release?

And did 1.1.1 ever make it to the Marketplace? Considering spending a few more bucks to get it from SimMarket where it’s also on sale due to update lag.

Hmmm… No resounding “get the Maule, I love it!” here I guess…

Okay, to not leave you without an answer, i like the Maule. But after all those updates, i am still not 100% convinced that the feeling is right. After the update on Xbox last week was the first time i had a good feeling when flying her. If you want it, i’d say get it. I would say that she is worth 18$.

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I enjoy the Maule, but it still needs a little polish. The good news is that the dev appears quite eager to continue to refine this product. The video a few posts above yours gives a pretty good overview.


Just purchased from sim market,

great in vr,

Only additional things I’d like are-

Optional Clear panels to bottom of front doors

Able to open side windows

Apart from that I’m enjoying flying it around idaho Back country strips

I went ahead and picked it up! A couple of quick test flights without reading the manuals yet and so far I really like it. Modeling is beautiful (though I’d love it if the devs would add the extra-door-windows variant) and seems to handle well. A bit squirrelly on the ground, but I’ll write that off to flying without having RTFM right now. :slight_smile:

This is on sale now, any positive / negative thoughts from owners?

I just got the plane and really like it so far. Great for little dirt strips in Idaho and such.
But is it just me or is it not possible to add any payload? No matter what I enter into the weight fuel panel it always resets to the default empty loadout. I know I can set the co-pilot via the tablet, but how can I get a full plane with three passengers? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Interesting. I would not expect it to show passengers. There are really only a few aircraft in the sim that do.

Maybe I haven’t expressed it well … I mean I can’t input any weight values to the payload stations apart from the pilot via the weight & balance panel. Whatever value I enter, always resets to default or the preset values from the tablet (co-pilot 165 lbs, luggage some 30 lbs, boxes some 20 lbs). So I can’t use the Maule with a full loadout. Or am Indoing something wrong?

I would suggest going into the I think it’s flight_model.cfg file and find the weight and balance section and see if the payload section is set up properly (I don’t have the plane so can’t check it myself).