Maverick Low Altitude challenges

While everyone is in awe with the Darkstar, I’d say to give the new content Low Altitude Challenge a try. It is certainly a gem of the DLC as it can be quite wild and daunting to zip through those challenges! Here’s mine from the first one:

Is anyone else experiencing issues with those low level challenges where the 2nd time you try them you get really low frame rates?

It doesn’t seem to happen to me if I go from one course to another, but if I repeat the course I get stuttering and jumpiness. Whether or not I got VR going.

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Yes the frame rates are poor.

Quite fun, after seeing the movie last night.

Got a Bug where there’s a very large G32 text stuck in the middle of the screen which appears to be part of the countdown timer that doesn’t clear away

Can anyone tell me how to light the darned afterburners? Pushing the thjrottles all the way up as the nice Loooteneant tells me, but no afterburners at all.

aavery frustrating, if you’re going to give us a freebie MS at least make it work.

need to assign hotkey or binding on your controller. Look for afterburner in the controller assignments

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Couldn’t do it with my Logitech quadrant, but tapping the F3 key lights them up, then just throttle back when you want them off. Might be interesting as the carrier challange was a firm favourite with friends and family who normally think I’m nuts spending my time in yhe sim!!

If you want your afterburners to activate with your throttle and not a separate keybind:

Under Power Management, make sure all you have assigned is “Throttle Axis”. Don’t use “Throttle 0-100%” and don’t use the separate Afterburner toggle.

“Throttle axis” should already have afterburner recognition that ignites them at 90-100% throttle position.


Unless you don’t want that to happen and want a separate toggle. Then use the toggle key bind