Maximum Overall Cache Size cannot be changed once I have set it

Hi, I set the Maximum Overall Cache size once in the Manual Cache section. But after I set the Maximum Overall Cache size once, I cannot undo what I set, or revert back to 0. The “Modify Cache” button underneath it does nothing too.

I think I set too large of a Maximum Overall Cache size and it’s not being used up so I want to reduce it. But there is no way to reduce it, and the “Modify Cache” button seems to be broken.

Yep, same here. I can only increase it, not reduce it.

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LMAO. Good thing I didn’t set the size of it too large. Now that space is stuck forever, until they fix the bug or I uninstall the game.

You can set the directory to a different location, and it’ll reset it to 0GB, but you’ll then have to manually go in and delete the original folder (so write down where it is first!!)

I’ve logged a zendesk ticket, so hopefully it gets fixed in an upcoming patch.

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in fact, @gadwin777, if you can tell me where that folder is, I’d appreciate it LOL. I didn’t write it down before I changed it, and don’t want to trawl through %appdata% if I can avoid it!

Never mind – found it.


File was called MANUALCACHE.CCC


thanks, was just about to make a thread.


Yeah, is it safe to delete the manual cache .ccc file? I wonder if that is the only way to reduce it. Maybe Microsoft can give us an official answer.