[May 9, 2023] Expert Series I: ATR 42-600 / 72-600 Update 1.0.8

Hello everyone,

We have recently released an updated version 1.0.8 for the ATR 42-600 / 72-600. This update can be downloaded from the in-sim Content Manager. Please see the release notes below. You can use this topic for general feedback about the ATR, but if you have any specific bugs to report, please create a new topic (or upvote an existing thread) in the Bugs & Issues subforum.


Expert Series I: ATR 42-600 / 72-600 Update 1.0.8

  • Fixed distance to destination
  • Fixed Direct To waypoint selection (FPLN and ABEAM)
  • Fixed MCDU PERF CRUISE page layout and weight calculation errors
  • Fixed MCDU PERF INIT and WEIGHT pages RETURN behaviour
  • Fixed MCDU PERF INIT page showing CRZ ALT as FLXXX FT
  • Fixed modified CRZ ALT by ALT SEL behaviour (still needs some VNAV IAS logic work)
  • Improved EWD Alerts Overflow behaviour
  • Fixed Marketplace thumbnail sizes
  • Fixed icing message not disappearing when not longer in icing conditions
  • Fixed crash on selecting TRN waypoint from DUPLICATES page
  • Fixed wrong color for scratchpad messages
  • Fixed wrong current waypoint offset on SEC FPLN pages 2+
  • Fixed POS INIT selection set via scratchpad instead of automatically
  • Added Boost option entry to electronic checklist
  • Fixed Boost option logic
  • Fixed TQ showing values before CL is in AUTO position
  • Fixed flightplan PPOS showing on ND
  • Fixes and additions to Bleed/Pack/Alpha alert/procedure handling
  • Fixed PFD speed bugs not reacting to icing AOA
  • Fixed MCDU "Clear?" color yellow, instead of white
  • Fixed NP not dropping to 82% in CLB/CRZ after loading in cold&dark
  • Added timeout for flashing SELECT LNAV message
  • Fixed an issue which caused flight idle to be too high
  • Fixed light switches on when starting a flight at a gate or parking position
  • Added support for TOGGLE THROTTLE REVERSE THRUST control event
  • Added missing gust lock OFF condition to TO Config test
  • Fixed manual enroute holding
  • Fixed doors opening in flight
  • Smoothed VNAV path calculation
  • Fixed GPWS light lighting up on final approach
  • Fixed aircraft lifting nose a bit too early
  • Fixed ITT (for running engine. Not yet during startup!)
  • Fixed missing line between manual holding and next waypoint
  • Fixed TCAS mode not switched to TCAS STBY below 1000ft AGL
  • Fixed Altitude alert flashing when in GS or V-FP mode
  • Temporarily disabled manual airway entry and redirected to list selection (manual entry will be reworked and re-added in next version)
  • Fixed CTD on clearing FMS after landing
  • Fixed Approach Hold not correctly exiting (KPAE RNAV 16RY via PAE)
  • Fixed TOD marker disappearing from time to time
  • Fixed momentary fuel pressure drop on swichting cross feed
  • Fixed displaced runway threshold on MFD map
  • Fixed autopilot not holding the correct altitude when baro is set to STD
  • Adjusted quick view order based on TBM 930
  • Added support for split TAT/ALPHA and PITOT/STATIC lights
  • Fixed unintended direction change for Radius-to-Fix legs
  • Fixed CTD on manual AIRWAY TO entry
  • Fixed increasing number of empty airways
  • Fixed throttle limits for keyboard/gamepad input
  • Fixed autopilot VNAV mode switching logic
  • Fixed intermittent ToD calculation
  • Fixed air condition cooking passengers
  • Fixed document door not opening on ground
  • Fixed autopilot disconnect sound playing in cold&dark state
  • Fixed NEXRAD overlay visible on terrain view
  • Fixed gust lock and idle gate not limiting throttle settings
  • Fixed VNAV mode switching

Oh no, I wanted the other thread to make it to 10,000 posts first! :laughing:

What a great fix list, and with the promise of more updates to come based on a few of the descriptions in this list. :+1:


when is integration with simbrief coming?

Great update & nice set of fixes. Still testing them out.

I noticed the cruise page figures flipped for ALTN destination bug is still there-


Any idea why my CDI is always off? Photo below, no wind.

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and let’s go to the tests, thanks for the update.



is it normal that if I click LSK3 (next to GPS), that immediately the first line gets filled (in yellow). Normally I had to press LSK1 before that I think? And is yellow good? Normally it should be green?

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I think someone said that that is how the real ATR works. So I think it is now correct, and wasn’t before.

See here-


First short flight from EDSB to EDDF and in the middle of the ILS approach while klicking trough a checklist ALL Display freeze and also no cockpit interaction is possible anymore (Autopilot button, course everthing froze, light switches move but do not change anything.)

I cant even turn of the eingies with the condition levers anymore.

Not really what I was hoping for…


Most likely never. Due to license issues Navigraph and Simbrief integration will not happen with Asobo published planes.

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I recommend that you watch the latest live stream from the developers! It was promised and it will be a feature on the ATR in a later update. (SIMBRIEF AND PAYLOAD in EFB)


Can someone tell me if visual approaches are supported yet?

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Might be, but that contradicts what working title is stating during the Avionics update discussion. That’s the reason why it will not happen in the B78x.
But it could be just the charts. I don’t know.

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I think that as each feature brought to the simulator is treated individually, it may be that the case in question of the AAUs does not allow. I don’t know how it was with the A310 but we have a Simbrief there. Back to the topic.

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First flight. Much better. Drag is there now. No pitch um with the fiven trim settings, you need to pull the yoke back and also at landing the flare is much better. You need to close slowly at 10ft otherwise will sink. Good job.


I’m just testing the updated ATR 42 in a flight and with calculated TO trim 1.4 the nose was still lifting itself around V1


I had some head scratching during taxi when I couldn’t pass the TO config check with the gust lock on. And then I found there’s this change in the update:

  • Added missing gust lock OFF condition to TO Config test

@anon39665369 Is this correct? I thought I’m supposed to pass the TO test during taxi and the gust lock is disengaged at a holding point before reading the before takeoff checklist…

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First flight. This release seems good so far. Ground power in OHP comes on as soon as I select GPU in EFB. Previously I had to toggle the OHP switch which is how it should be. Not a problem though.
ILS seemed rock solid into EGNM tonight. Aircraft seems to slow down easier now which is great. I do need a few flights to examine VNAV, it’s definitely different now. It’s doing things that I don’t know if it’s error or just new, Will need more flight time to assess. Thank you for this update though.

Into EGNM ILS32 tonight.


Waaaaay better ! Thank you for the update ! Still some strange behavior but, we’re getting there

Thank you again :pray:t2:


Was wondering, the taxi checklist has an item called TO config test or something like that. I think that is the trigger for the before takeoff checklist to automatically appear.

What is the TO config test, I mean, where is the “switch” for that please?