May download still not loading

I have done all work arounds that i can , have reinstalled at least ten times and cleared files . the game downloads then on data files it loads Gibralta airport then starts loading basic instrument files then loops.
There is a clue but i don’t know how to follow it up, along time ago before the the patch and the program was working i turned the sound off at the loading screen so the game would start loading and when it got to looking for updates the music would stop, it still does that so there must be a file some where still remaining after i delete and clear some where. if any one can help i would be very grateful , cargo hauler is ready and waiting to go.

Before the suggestions start flying in (no pun intended) What work-arounds have you actually done? Otherwise this could just become a thread of you saying “yup done that” and no actual help for you.
Please also include if you’ve got any overclocks to any components, Win10 version, internet download speed and whether wired or WiFi.

Windows version 10 20h2
Ram memory 32gb
Page file 31542 mb
Direct X12
Navidia Gforce 1080 * 2 have tried with one
Download speed 40gbs i have it throttled to under 10 mbs
Wifi connection up to 120 mbs
i have deleted program and cleared packages, well all i can find, i have slowed download speed , re installed numerous times , when program was running i turned off intro sound this stopped as the searching for down loads flagged up, how ether it still stops on the fresh install so there must be old files remaining on computer well that’s what i am guessing at. thank you for taking the time to help me out with this problem . yours Nosher
the download loads Gibralta airport, then starts to download basic instrument files 152 gets to about 20 mbs and loops

See the download loop FAQ’s from Zendesk here:
I had the same problem and disabling auto-tuning and IPv6 together fixed it for me.

Just an FYI. Your personal settings/preferences are stored on the cloud. When you reinstall, your old preferences file is loaded.

Bit late now, but for future reference and anyone else reading this that may be considering a re-install, I strongly recommend deleting any controller profiles and resetting ALL in sim settings to default before doing an uninstall. That way if there are any settings conflicts that are causing your problems they don’t get loaded into the new installation.

If you do reset your settings, test your sim again before uninstalling as the offending setting or profile is now gone and you may save yourself the reinstall headache.

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