May I ask how to set up the throttle in the T.Flight Hotas 4?

I bought this controller weeks ago to play MSF. However, I can not change the setting of the handle to be my throttle control, may I ask how to set it to control my throttle level?

Thank you guys~

go to windows devices, find your controller, the throttle if its separate or if its combined with a joystick, right click the hardware, open properties and select settings, there you calibrate.
go to msfs2020 go to controls, make sure your hardware is in the top bar, click on it, go to left side and select all, select power management, find throttle axis, click on it, up comes a selection box, highlight the box and then move the throttle on your hardware, it should highlight, click validate, and then save apply at the bottom of the screen.
go back to control main screen, click on each hardware bar and then check left side under sensitivity for search input box and type throttle then search on the right should be a list of all mappings for throttle, xbox controller,keyboard, remove them but clicking on each of them and make sure you click clear twice then validate, do this until you know only your throttle controls the throttle and its not mapped twice somewhere else,

hope this helps

Ensure that you have also downloaded the relevant drivers for the HOTAS. Check online for downloadable drivers if the above doesn’t work.

I had the same issue, be sure to update the firmware of the device, since without the latest one, some axis will not be working.