Maybe AI cannot fly - but OMG the eye candy, who cares!?

Continuing the discussion from AI Control Aircraft no longer works after patch:

#me too - the AI pilot is beyond bad, and it’s a huge bummer. Even though I know how to fly- it’s fun to see if the computer can do ‘perfect’ landings (NO) and follow the flight plan (NO). It’s shocking that this ‘feature’ is now a ‘bug’. That said, I am totally in love with MSFS, it has rekindled my love of flight simulation - and that is a huge thing. I had a very complex flight deck which I gave away to friends… along with my high end PC and monitors, yoke, rudder, radios, etc. Now I’m starting over. But the eye-candy in MSFS is incredible. And Orbx Santa Barbara airport is well worth the $14 USD price - it’s EXACT replica of KSBA. So even if “Charlie” can’t fly, the rest of us can muddle through, yeah? 737 is my plane, waiting on PMDG to release it for MSFS. Then it’s ON!

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