Maybe Asobo should take a look at this video. Perhaps, copyright issues,


It’s a quick copy paste job lol

Even if this is posted all over the place as the fraud it is, then there will still be many that do not come in this forum or other forum, that will buy the package thinking it is a whole uniq. airplane. AND NOT EVEN REALIZING it when using the product.

I think we have only seen the start of this issue (first-to-market rush).

More preying on unaware customers. :

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This is a v helpful review. I like to think I am careful about the purchases I make, but always useful to get another point of view from someone “in the know”.

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The author of the video is a member here and has an ongoing thread regarding this issue.

At least simmarket have pulled the 350i :wink:

The “i” stands for “I’m going to court!”