Maybe in a year or two

Finally got yoke to work enough to change altitude and heading, loaded in @ Tampa, in 748i. Graphics set to low end for init. flight. Before even left runway, had system warning for GPU and CPU temp, nothing overclocked/voltage. I’m running liquid cooled i7-9700k, Nvidia RTX2070, 32gb G.Skill DDR4.
Shouldn’t have barely affected my hardware, but really stressed it. So pretty disappointing. Maybe try it again in a year or two. See if they’ve made any improvements to the SIM. But hope everyone has great flights!


Something does not seem right. I have a ryzen 1950x and 1080TI, 32GB of RAM and I can fly out of NYC without any issues.

As @brinks00 said there is absolutely something wrong.
I have a Ryzen 3700X, RTX2070Super and same 32GB G.Skill Ram and have the settings at ultra and it runs butter smooth with temps of the GPU around 65C.

So maybe the case is not enough ventilated or maybe a problem with the water cooling? Air in the system maybe?

Strange… my son runs it on high with good frame rates using a 1080ti card and i7 6700.

First thing I would look at is if you have software installed to manage case fans, gpu fans, and the fans on the liquid cooler. Just letting them run stock you will overheat.

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Guys don’t compare apples and …

What Graphics Settings? AI Traffic, Airplanes Density and so on.

Then Resolution…

Then What Airport and especially which Plane…

Then you running 3rd Party Stuff like the bugged SimConnect…

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thanks for all the replies, convinced me to try one more time so I wouldn’t miss out, I actually used a fan and pump control app from aorus and it’s really keeping it in check!

You never stated what temps exactly you were getting?

In a 747? With a reasonably long flight plan set before the flight?

Not all aircraft behave the same, the airliners seem to perform particularly bad, especially when you have a long flight plan with 50+ waypoints, and you didn’t disable the VFR map. Disabling the VFR map can recover some performance in the cockpit, and a lot of performance in external view. This is where I disabled it, and it almost doubled my FPS in external view:

I’m running an i7 8700K, 1080ti, 32G (no overclocking or hot rodding). I’ve had 2.5 hours of successful and great looking low level flight (less than 3,500’) including ~0.7 hours through sunset into night in the Cessna 152. I am running “high” settings with real weather and stock AI. Hope this gives you some reference. Best wishes!

Any update? I hope you were able to fix any issues and you’re busy “flying” around!