Maybe, soon I lost my patience

So, I have to buy a new MSFS via MS Store since I’m using windows 10 and login in as a windows user and buy games ONLY from MS Store? What happens to my Premium Deluxe MSFS2020 Steam version? still CTD on click Fly or sometimes on the world map (CTD even on exiting MSFS) since I did follow the guides and do checklists on every step, none is working. I Cant do a refund because I play MSFS2020 since it was launched on Steam. Steam can’t do anything (so i give a bad review…sorry). I’m hoping/dreaming that I can transfer my Steam account to MS Store. Are there any more coming fix update? Really desperate to fly!

P.S Sorry for my English

My specs are “recommended specs” exactly as stated in

Check what dll the game is loading.
Probably you have the “C1” bug.

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What? No. Why would you re-buy the game from the store if you already own it on steam?

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I don’t have those installed on my machine.

I’ve been running the Steam purchased version fine. No need for any MS bloatware


You shouldn’t really be buying it again. That would be a complete waste especially if you have add ons too.

I have the Steam version and actually prefer it.

If I was you I would try to resolve your issues. You might even come across them again if you buy a second version on the Store. Maybe some of us here can help.

Everything with Steam was fine for me before, I fly anywhere I like, great fps, good addons, etc until new updates come & screw things up.

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Have you installed and loged into the new/updated XBox App?

Yep i did, If i dont, there will be an xbox login appears when MSFS is loading

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If you bought MSFS on Steam, you don’t need to buy a new MSFS. Please log in to Steam. There should be the MSFS you purchased there. And you can reinstall it as many times as you like. Due to the number of bugs in recent updates, I have removed and reinstalled MSFS several times. Good luck!

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Yea, there’s no reason to buy a second copy unless you want the play anywhere feature and plan on buying an XBoxX/S

Why do you want to switch to the MS store version? I do not get this, are you looking for trouble? I recommend that you reinstall the Steam version after completely uninstalling the one you currently have problem with.

I also have CTD after flight when I exit to main menu.