Maybe win 11 is an issue?

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Have you used Developer Mode?
PC Specs:
Intel I9-11900k 64GB RAM Nvidia 3080ti 3 M.2 Drives Win 11 Pro
Area of the World / Flight Plan:
Boston to JFK
Airport (If applicable):
Should note exclusive to VR. I don’t do 2D. HP reverb G2.
3rd party addons you were using at the time (Mods/add-ons/community content)
Saitek pedals, yoke, and throttle
Feedback/Bug Description:
Right about the time SU7 came out was right about the time I upgraded to windows 11. Prior to this my machine / Sim ran flawlessly. I’d see people talk about CTD and I’d just think how glad I was my machine ran spot on. Then came SU7. It’s been rare that I could get a single flight in and when it crashes it’s almost always on approach. Updated tonight to the beta patch. Got a successful flight into Boston from Saint John in Canada. Turned the plane right towards KJFK and my hopes were thrown to the wayside when I got the good ol’ CTD 2 mins from touchdown onto 22R. Very disappointing when you get all the way through the flight only to CTD on approach. Prior to SU7 and Win 11 I literally went around the world with zero issues. Can’t figure out if this is a problem with SU7 or Win 11. Admittedly so…I went back to XPlane 11 just to be able to fly and after 4 plus years of that with no issues, I got my first CTD with it as well. This is what’s making me wonder if the OS is the culprit.

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No idea
(PC) Are you using DX12?: No. Using DX11. DX12 gave me less performance.

I’ve been using Win11 not having CTD.


I don’t have a clue but may I ask why you choose to upgrade to Win 11?
Just curious…
My granny was a wise woman.
Her advise: If it ain’t broke, don’t try to fix it.

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I was excited to install windows 11 until I could no longer install WMR— I reverted back to Windows 10 after any hours searching for a solution. Seeing that others are still reporting the same problem shows me that is not a priority for Microsoft. Anyway, I didn’t like Windows 11 since it obfuscates a lot of the functions that I’m used to.

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Been on WIN 11 with the HP G2 and no issues at all

i7 8700
32GB Ram
GTX 1080 471.96driver

Most graphics setting are set to high

Gotta say…that’s a good question. I know better! I think I got spoiled by Apple’s updates which USUALLY add to the experience and have since realized that I lost my mind in thinking maybe after all these decades that Microsoft actually releases things now a days that aren’t a step backwards. I’m about at the point where I am going to go back to Windows 10.

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RelativeBell, we’re you having issues prior to the beta patch?

The best advice for computers !
Unfortunately forgotten by many devs and users for whom more and/or newest is obligatorily better.
The dark side of a poorly understood improvement evolution.

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Your rig and mine are very close in specs. Only difference is I have the 3090. I’ve been running Windows 11 for a couple of months with zero issues and great performance averaging 60 fps. All settings at Ultra. You may have something else going on.

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The only issues I’ve been having are the NVidia drivers after 471.96, mainly stuttering in VR. But with 471.96, no issues whatsoever on Win10/11 in VR.

Windows 11 did not trigger my CTD issues. I adopted W11 early, and my CTD issues are new as of the past week or so.


I’m still in windows 10 and had problems with my last two flights of over 2 hours. I did not see the suggestion to disable live wx, and will try that for the next flight.

This is not a new CTD issue - it is way over a year old, said to be fixed, said to be logged, said to be add-on airport issues - excuses galore and solutions nil:

I think I have found the fix for CTD when on approach - Community / General Discussion - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Crash to desktop without error message - Bugs & Issues / CTDs - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Just search “CTD on approach”, there are pages and pages of topics going back over a year.

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I have zero issues with 11, it’s more intuitive. Features seem to be where you would expect to find them which was often not the case with it’s predecessors unless you already knew your way around.

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Thing is I have zero add-ons. There’s nothing in my community folder. This problem just started happening with SU7 but I also had just done an in place upgrade from win 10 to win 11.

You guys running win 11: did you do a clean install or an in-place upgrade?

I’m backing up my data tempted to blow it away and do a clean install of windows 11. Hate to do it but I’m at a loss on the CTD’s.

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Clean from the latest iso. I suggest unplugging all other drives to be sure it’s boot manager installs on that particular drive.

I‘m currently building a new PC with my friend who is a computer geek and I suggested Win11, he said that if I wanted an intel 12k series CPU (if I remember correctly) then I would need it to get the power but otherwise he wouldn‘t touch it, it‘s by far not stable and still far from win10‘s capabilities.

It may certainly be one cause for your CTD‘s but there have been plenty reports here that SU7 is a crash festival regardless of the OS. I assume that many of them are due to badly built rigs but the update was anything but good. So it‘s really hard to tell.

Care to elaborate? … because as far as I can tell it is both more stable and more capable than 10.


I can‘t as I was quoting my friend who usually knows what he‘s talking about. So all I can do is trust in his judgement. However he‘s a general gamer, absolutely no affection to any flightsims. He only tested the performance he has in stock (free) DCS on his system.

Been using win11 for a while now. No CTD and VR is smooth/ (Rift-s)


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