Mayday! TrackIR axes no longer visible in Control Settings

This just started happening tonight after using TrackIR successfully for years. The game no longer sees the TrackIRs axes. Like when you go to Control Options, pick the TrackIR column, pick “cockpit view yaw axis”, there are no choices in the “Select Input” field. So I’ve lost the map from TrackIR to my cockpit view axes and I can’t set it anymore.

Both TrackIRs green lights are on and the NaturalPoint software works fine. Just no input to select in MSFS TrackIR column.

Recently I installed a ReverbG2 and used that in-game for awhile. The Reverb is off, Mixed Reality Portal is off, VR Mode in game is off.

Any ideas, Captains?

(PS, TrackIR is working fine in DCS)

Firstly make sure that your TrackIR is registered, press F9.

There is quite a bit of stuff on the web about the TrackIR…

Good luck.