Mb-339 1.21 update still not available in the in game marketplace

is there anybody who bought the MB-339 from the in game marketplace experiencing the same issue as im currently having? it’s already been more than a week since the MB-339’s 1.21 update, but in the content manager and the in game marketplace i am still told that 1.20 is the latest version and no update is needed.

Marketplace usually updates just on thursdays (exceptions have been made for Aerosoft) and it’s easter.

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Thanks for explaining

I’m having a problem updating to the latest update, it downloads ok but then hangs on decompressing. I tried delete and re-install from marketplace but now it hangs decompressing again. I don’t mean it hangs the whole app it just never completes decompressing and eventually I have to cancel it. Anyone else facing this issue?

I had the same problem last night. I’m about to try again but feel a bit better im not the only one affected.

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Don’t delete it like I did, I went from having an old version to not having it installed at all. Not sure where to go for support on this problem.

If you’re having issues with decompressing, please see:


Thank you! I guess I didn’t delete it correctly the first time, followed your steps and it is installed and up to date.

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