MB-339 Fuel Burn Rates

Does anyone know the fuel burn rates for the Indiafoxtecho MB-339? Lots of good stuff in the manual, but not this info!

I’d also like to know, have been having a go at some long distance flights and only getting about 600 or so miles range rather than expected 900

What altitude and power? These sort of fast jets range really depend on altitude and fuel flow, I know in DCS whenever I hit bingo I can always save myself by climbing like crazy to the thin air where my fuel flow is extremely low.

Do you guys use it with LittleNavMap?
I have this LNV fuel profile but I can’t remember where from or even if I recorded it myself…
Aermachi MB-339A.lnmperf (1.8 KB)

Unfortunately haven’t had much time to fly the 339 lately so I can’t remember what results that gave.
I found the manual wasn’t very specific to MSFS, which made me lean more towards the Hawk or others when selecting a plane for flights. It’s a very nice plane though with good handling so I’m thinking to get some flights in soon. Let me know how you go.

Hi there. In the past I opened a discussion on this subject because I observed a mismatch between fuel flow, fuel quantity onboard and actual flight time. It looked like the fuel flow is way overextimated. But I wasn’t really succesful in gathering info. Let’s see if we have more luck this time. There is a great video on youtube (MB339 PAN - Dall'avviamento all' Acrobazia con Filippo Barbero l'ex solista delle Frecce Tricolori - YouTube) commented by the Frecce tricolori squad leader in which you may find someone to contact to ask your questions. In these days I have no time, but I may try in few weeks if I don’t read replies here.

I havent been flying much since posting the question but decided to use the Hawk data as a starting point, although I think the MB339 is a little more economical.