MB-339 speed brake - how to work it

I’m a rookie. I fly with my keyboard. I don’t know how to operate the MB-339 speed brake. Usually it is not activated. I don’t know how to activate it. Sometimes it is activated. I don’t know how to deactivate it. I would appreciate help that would explain its operation to me. Thank you.

There appears to be a thumb wheel on the throttle for the speed brake. I can’t get it to do anything.

Assign the speedbrake to one of your buttons in options menu. I have two buttons on my throttle. One for open and one for close. Its called airbrake I think.

Re the thumb wheel. If you assign the speedbrake axis to that, it should work a treat. In reality, it is often a binary choice: In or out, but I do cheat sometimes.

I would like to assign a keystroke to the speed brake or air brake, but I can’t figure out how to do it. Under Options/Controls/Keyboard I don’t find anything with those names. I’m stumped.

Did you make sure to set the box on the left of the control screen for keyboard to all and not assigned? as it won’t show you unmapped buttons otherwise.

FINALLY figured it out. I was fixin’ to get real cranky. I did as was told. I looked through all the keyboard commands…several times. I clicked EXPAND/COLLAPSE ALL. There is nothing in there about speedbrake, speed brake, airbrake, or air airbrake. As I said I’m a rookie. I found what I was looking for under Flight Control Surfaces / Secondary Control Surfaces / Toggle Spoilers and it is pre assigned to num/. Thanks for the help. It guided me to where I needed to look. Thanks.

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Connect a key to spoilers - it will activate the air barake

I didn’t need to do anything after all. A key was pre assigned by the system. The NUM ’ / ’ (slash) key operates the Spoiler aka speed brake aka air brake. This assigned key works well for me. No need to change it.

Shouldn’t the spoilers be on an axis rather than a toggle? I.e. on or off?

The air brake/spoiler is either out or in. It isn’t adjustable. This is why a keystroke will work fine.

I mapped it to the thumb slider on the throttle of my X-52, but it is finicky. Had to mess with deadzones and limits, and it still gets confused sometimes. I like it being analog adjustable, but might just bind it to a button to keep it from flaking out.

There’s also buttons on the side of the throttle that control it