MB339 after update

Minor bug after SIm Update 3 in the MB339A, nav lights don’t work anymore (although they do still work in the MB339PAN), anyone else experiencing this? (MS Store version, so it is not in the community folder)

I was not to worried about the lights. Although there are quite few switches that need sorting out. My beef at the moment is after take off, up gear fly to destination and when on base leg, click gear down but they don’t go down. I cycle the button a few times to no avail. I do not have this issue with any other aircraft. Obvioudly I try to belly it in but usually does not work. :roll_eyes:

Yeah, I have the same issue with the gear, but my idea was it has to do with the airspeed, it comes down below 150 KTS I believe

Anyone know how to deploy the speedbrake?

That is operated by the spoiler-key

So it’s either in or out? Not an axis?

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Binding it to an axis didn’t work for me, but if there’s a way to fix that I would like to know too

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Me too. Should work on an axis. I am going to try to message Dino.

I tried again and I now have the spoiler axis working for the speedbrake. Not sure what my problem was before although I did disable all other spoiler buttons. I am using a saitek x-55 throttle quadrant.