MCDU of B747-8i off

Hello, since the last update I notice all MCDU’s of the Asobo B747-8i are off!?

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Same here!

Mine came back after I updated the Nividia graphics driver. I don’t know what the connection is but it worked.

lucky you, mine stay black! I hate the stupid asobo guys

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Do you have the A32NX mod installed? If so update to the latest dev version.

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A32NX 0.5.1 turn off the FMC in 747. Must delete from community folder for 747

A32NX 0.5.1 can stay
I have been using this but I had an older version installed, after updating it MCDU working again

Wow, pretty childish of you.

I am very sorry, but I do not understand! would you be so kind and explain me what you mean ? what is pretty childish ?