Mechanism for updating thumbnails for all installed liveries

It would be great if the game had a mechanism for updating thumbnails for all installed liveries. Also, it would be nice if the thumbnail was created on a transparent background and the entire plane. This will give more space while maintaining a consistent style.

P.S. It would be nice to bring the default liveries to the appropriate form. Thumbnail generation now does not fit into a similar aircraft by default

Updating in terms of replacing? I mean, you could edit the thumbnail.cpg in the respective folder or what do you mean?

Replacing. I have a lot liveries with ugly thumbnails. I want update all of them. Like in X-Plane i can rebuild all thumbnails of aircraft

Is there an up to date video or tutorial showing how to make thumbnails for msfs? the ones I have seen don’t take into account a panel that pops up saying “Airport or Package” (or something along these lines) and requires you to write War and Peace before proceeding.