Megathreads make gathering information hard

I really despise the update or issues megathreads by now. They drown out information that may easily be accessible by skimming through topics. Sure there is the search function. But for example the now non bindable conditon lever just gets pushed aside. It is tiresome to follow a number of conversations that all are about different topics in one thread. Please change the policy of joining all threads together.


I respect your opinion but to offer a counterpoint, drilling down through tons of threads that are essentially the exact same topic but with a different flavor gets old which is why I don’t mind the merging. No content is lost, though you do end up having a lot more to scroll through in each thread.


True point as well. What gets to me the most is the lowered readability when rereading the thread as you have to follow several diverging conversations.
A mid point would be to merge similar topics. Not stuff that is diametrically opposed.


100% with you on this.

A couple of points.

Update feedback threads become impossible and once a valid bug observation post gets merged in then it’s effectively lost.

Bug observation posts that get merged with months old observation posts are more understandable but it’s still somewhat wrong if somebody posts about the re-emergence of a bug in SU6 (for example) that was supposed to be fixed in SU5 and it gets merged into a thread from pre-SU4.

Both seem like great ways to bury and lose good information.


To assist in bringing bugs forward, they should go under the appropriate subcategory in #bugs-and-issues

Remember that General Discussion isn’t for bug reporting but rather Community Discussion.

As mentioned above, the Update Topic is also for discussion. Any new bugs or issues go in #bugs-and-issues

Before posting in #bugs-and-issues, we like users to search first so that a duplicate topic isn’t created. When merging, they can be out of date order. We do have the ability to merge by date but we have to do it manually like ordering cards and this takes time.


Yeah I feel that happened in the junkers thread as well. After removing the aircraft category all kind of stuff got thrown together here and mushed even more together by making them unreadable threads :frowning: I’d love to follow more/ investigate issues but this is a serious turnoff. Also I think a lot of times at that specific example modernized and historic version were thrown into each other by branching conversations and maybe critical information was lost. It does not even have to be a bug, but maybe just a pilot error/ how-to question, that gets totally missed because some other discussion is just raging at that point. And it will never really be answered because it is buried 300 posts deep.


100% agree and the admins ALWAYS merge them and by time your message has been added it’s completely off topic


As stated above by a moderator, Official Megathreads server two main purposes:

  • One place for users to discuss the event/subject.
  • A place for us, the CM team, to go to see general sentiment.

If you have a bug to report, it’s not uncommon to mention it in the megathread and see if anyone else has it. We promote this type of interaction. However, we encourage you to create a new thread in the #bugs-and-issues section if you come across a bug, that way others can upvote it and we can individually track it and add it to our internal bug system.

How-to questions can always be asked in #student-pilots:basic-gameplay-help, as well as other types of categories.


Yeah, that’s my point. If the thread is 500 posts long when you first look at it and disjointed by several discussions, at least my wish to participate and share is nullified. This feels like singing with a crowd at a rock concert. Only everyone else is singing along to whatever they listen to on spotify at that moment.


@orthi @KevinSull and yet it seems that there is an inability to read even 4 posts deep to find a solution.

As @Hester40MT mentioned, if you have an actual bug that needs attention, either following an update or the release of a new aircraft. Open a new thread in the BUGS section. If you simply want to discuss the new update then let’s have one thread for that.

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hehe, really? I said, also how-to question and things maybe not worthy of a bug report get thrown in the mixer as well. And if they are not looked at at that particular time, they may never be. What you just said we do, you did :wink:

And this goes for the update as well. Maybe I have some specific thing, that could be just me. If I ask the question outside the thread, I get merged. If the thread is not busy, I might get an answer. This will help me in finding out whether it may be a reportable bug or not. Or just have a productive discussion about a thing I noticed. But if I post at a wrong time the post may not be seen at all. This is more akin to a #general jabber chat (or discord or whatever) of very broad proportion than an actual topic in a forum.

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I didn’t mention anything about bugs? I’m speaking in general.

It’s a common issue and many people feel the same way.


Use topic flairs for that instead. We cannot extract topics out of a mega thread to find the specific information we need when it has already been piled into a megathread heap, but you could use flairs to quickly find the various topics that apply to a particular sim update or feature when you just want to browse sentiments. It is no more work for the moderators to add flairs than it is to merge topics.


@orthi Not ideal, I’ll grant you but if they bother you that much, you can ignore threads. I was going to mention the in-thread search as well but you beat me to it. Plus, you need to know the search terms to use, which doesn’t help if a post you would have ordinarily seen on its own has been merged, and you know nothing of its content.


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Thanks. Yeah I know that. But I want to see what things are discussed or if my problems are being had by others as well. And if I want to ask something regarding an issue that has such an megathread I will get merged into that as well. So no way around it.
It is rather the ton of information I have to sift through to maybe find something I am interested in or that relates to a topic I have. As you said, search terms, especially in a forum with a lot of non native English speakers like myself are not always as clear as one would like :slight_smile:
So it is not about the thread being there itself but the structure that makes it so annoying. All the threads within the thread are just ordered chronologically and you go from one topic to the next from one post to the next. Or as such your question might not be seen at all. This makes it unnecessarily hard to follow. This forum just copes very badly with such information dumps.


This is one of the issues described. Often any bugs spotted and posted about on an update day get merged into the general update megathread.
Some of these can be 900 posts long within hours and it becomes impossible to follow what’s happening with the bugs.

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Just to let you know that feedback concerning the forums is taken seriously.

This thread has sparked a discussion, among the moderator team, with regards to the megathreads for sim updates/releases, to try and determine what the best way forward might be for everyone.


If you post in the #community:general-discussion-feedback you will get merged.
If you post in the #bugs-and-issues you will not.


Thank you very much for this post. Considering my past contacts with the mod team it would have been surprising if that would have not been the case. Whatever comes of it and even if megathreads are the best way forward, I really appreciate the effort you guys put into keeping this place in order. I changed the somewhat aggressive title :slight_smile:

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And those posts which describe bugs that are erroneously posted in the wrong category could just as easily be moved to the correct category rather than merged into megathreads.