Megathreads make gathering information hard

Or users could take some responsibility for doing a search, determining the correct category for their post and filling out the templates provided, or joining a discussion already in progress that is appropriate to their topic.

Then the moderators would not have to be quite so arbitrary in moving all the duplicate posts and posts in the wrong categories. As a small group of community volunteers, just a little assistance from the users and appreciation for the workload would go a very long way to improving the overall usability of the OUR forum.


Oh how did every other forum in existence ever manage to get by without this awesome megathread idea, NOT.

Seriously some people around here need to get a life rather than spending all day telling everyone else how to live their life.

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I will let the moderators explain it for you then…

But you aren’t a mod so stop acting like you are please.


There is no secret cabal here behind who moderate all the negative posts away-

If you read and understood what the mods are explaining, why does it need to be told to you again?

Another wannabe mod.


Has anybody suggested that there is?

You understand that the thread is about useful posts and questions being merged into megathreads (and megathreads happen every update) which makes answering those questions, following those possible bug observations and basically “gathering information” hard right?

Thank you for the feedback! As noted by @tamalien we have brought this up and is in discussion with the CM’s.

As a CM as responded, I will close this topic.