Meigs CTD's

I tried several times to load a flight from Meigs ( Default Msfs Airport ) and i keep on getting CTD’s !!
I have removed a payware scenery ( KCGX aa_guillermozulueta-meigsprofessional ) and also drzewieckidesign-chicagolandmarks , drzewieckidesign-chicagomidway and also ffx-airport-kpwk-chicago .
I am still Unable to load a flight either from KORD or KCGX …
Any idea what is goin on ?

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Two thoughts.

Clear your rolling cache if you have it turned on. Maybe the cached textures are conflicting.

Or, go with a completely clear community folder to remove the chances some other mod is conflicting.

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I have removed everything from my community folder !

I was able to do a flight from Meigs Airport !!

One or more of my addons are in conflict with Meigs !!
I have more than 1500 mods at the moment installed , so i guess it will take me some time to find out which one is the problematic one !!


Getting the exact same problem, i have a monster comm folder too. do you have the drezweiki chicago landmarks add on?

Edit: nvm just seen you removed that

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I hope for your sanity, you use MSFS Addon Linker :scream:

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Removed but still CTD !!

No idea what is Addon Linker :upside_down_face:

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With 1500+ addons, I would strongly recommend you take a look at MSFS Addon Linker

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When i launch in safe mode i can fly there, but the only 2 mods i have round there are the chicago pack and campbell, although i did notice last night i have about 10 or so helipads with the little plug in logo all over the city, but have no idea what mod theyr from?! Do u have these too? (U may need to equip a heli not sure)

With Safe Mode ! No problem , i can fly there !
If i remove all of my addons from my Community folder , then i can still fly without any issues !
I will do some more checks and get back !
I am sure that one of my addons ( Freeware ) is in conflict with Meigs !

Thank you !

I have seen the addon MERRIL C. MEIGS FIELD (KCGX) (both the freeware version and the payware version) – have issues with the new Asobo Meigs –

( or strictly, as the Asobo one came later, so the Asobo one conflict with the Addon versions )

– in that they both render at the sane time, so you can get , for example, the two Airport Buildings render at the same time, and they are not an exact fit on each other, or an exact placement.

Personally, I prefer, and want to support the developer of the Payware version of MERRIL C. MEIGS FIELD (KCGX) addon, so I have uninstalled the Asobo Megs, and now have no issues.

Even the Freeware version of MERRIL C. MEIGS FIELD (KCGX) is far more detailed, even the Asobo one, and the Payware one adds a lot more details, including airport buildings internals.




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I have the Payware Version Installed ( Merril C. Meigs Field ) , but i still get CTD’s whenever i start a flight.

Even if i remove this addon and let the Asobo’s One installed i Still get CTD !!

Maybe they are both in conflict with one of my addons Installed !

Didnt the dev stop supporting that ages ago? i bought it, but it broke once, and he fixed it, but then broke again, but have messaged him several times with no response, so i uninstalled it (was completely unusable for me!). I didnt get it through sim market though, straight from his site. I wonder if previously having it installed is causing the CTD issue?

Also, i uninstalled Chicago scenery, and the random add-on Helipads vanished, but still got CTD, so not that causing it… must be something with that payversion as we all seem to have had it at some point?

I had hope that the Dev had sold his payware version to MS/Asobo, and was now in happy retirement – but no – different airport .

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I had the same issue with KCGX crashing while community folder was active and no scenery for Meigs or the city was active. The issue seems to be gone since I updated with today’s hotfix from Asobo for the C172.

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Ahhh so maybe that what the “secret” (un-documented) Update to the C172 may have done ?

Great – a move in the right direction - a good achievement, so WHY not inform everyone in some release notes.

Take credit for the good stuff – Asobo gets blamed often enough for anything that goes slightly wrong… why not let everyone know when they do something right ??

So now, assuming there was an issue with the c172, that has now secretly been fixed, nobody outside of Asobo now what it was, or if it could be in any other plane, (or future plane) causing random CTDS …

Made no difference here, there was even a small (600mb) update this morning, still CTD. This is becoming insanely frustrating, still no word from the payware dev on both of his emails either.

So i had issues with 40A update and had to completely wipe my pc (inc. My 3000h log book :dizzy_face: ) so i dont think its residual from the prev scenery, as a last ditch might try fly into KCGX, see if/where it crashes

Your 3000h logbook should have been saved on the cloud. ?