Memory optimisation reenabled?

There is some improvement with the new driver on DX12. However its still perform worse than DX11. So I would like to believe that on release today they will reenable whatever they disabled did will unleash the DX12 potential.

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Game ready driver isn’t out yet?

So far I see only Studio driver released. No game driver.

Unfortunately it’s that time when the forums are filled with fictitious statements and fantasy. Waiting on the ‘Game Changing’ YouTube hack videos to follow! :joy:


See the driver notes for the studio driver where they mention the fix for MSFS. So I don’t think you need to wait for the game ready driver. I’m also seeing a long thread on here about the studio driver and it’s working well so far.


Anyone able to confirm that DX12 is back at Beta 1 level of performance in the final release?

Can’t confirm that, but can confirm that VRAM usage is higher with the studio driver than the game ready. So to me it would seem like the VRAM optimisation that everyone says is supposed to work automatically with the new studio drivers is not working.

21 in my AMD and VR HP is stable and somewhat OK, I have seen worse quality screens before, so Asobo has switched to quality over speed again, which is good, speed one should adjust in settings, but overall, from high 40-45 FPS not-optimal screen quality, now is 30-35 FPS good quality, on my box, 9900K 6800XT VR-HP Reverb

FYI according to patchnotes.
So Asobo didn’t enable MO despite a new studio driver being released. I guess they are waiting for the Game-ready driver.
Still a official statement would be helpful.

Where does it say Game Ready Driver in the release notes?
I’m using the Studio Driver and DX12 is much improved.

Sorry I don’t know what you are referring to. This is about the disabled memory optimisation.
In the notes it says they will activate MO again when the “new” driver gets released. As you said, there is already a new driver, but Asobo still keeps MO deactivated. Thats why I was speculating that Asobo is maybe waiting for the Game-Ready driver.
Without MO DX12 can’t unleash its full potential like we saw in Beta 1. (As stated in the quoted patch notes.)

You don’t know what I’m referring to? You wrote it.

Exactly. It was just speculation on my behalf, on why they are not re-enabling MO, despite the new driver already being available.
Therefore I used the word I “guess” (referring to “maybe” or “perhaps”)
This is the only reason I can think of on why they are still waiting to activate it again.

Tried the Studio Driver and lost 8 - 10 fps! 12900 + RTX3080ti, DLSS Quality with DX11

The Studio driver fix for MSFS is mainly for DX 12. But I see you only tested with DX 11.

What was your result with DX 12?

From the release notes chapter 3.1:

[DX12][Flight Simulator] Potential image corruption [3722516]

Afaik that’s the only mention of MSFS in those notes.

But how do you know this?

I do think that a clarification will be nice, as they didn’t specify GRD or SD in the release notes. A lot of people, me included, have reported better performance in DX12 with the studio driver.

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It says in the release notes I quoted that they are still waiting for a new driver.
The release notes were published AFTER the studio driver with the artifact fix was released.
Therefore I was asking on clarification if the memory allocator has been activated or not, as there is no indication they did. Otherwise they would have said so in the release notes.

But we don’t REALLY know when the release notes were written. They often release fixes and never even update the notes. For all we know, they could have been written a week or so ago.

All they need to do is COMMUNICATE with us the status of this.

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Thats true. I agree with you. This discussion could be over within a minute, if Asobo would give us a statement. In case they left MO deactivated, a clarification on why they did so would be also helpful.