Memory Usage

Has anyone noticed if their memory/RAM usage has gone up since the last update? Mine has gone from using 10 to 15 GB of memory to around 20 to 30 GB!! The game still runs smooth just curious if anyone else has noticed this.

Not really, I don’t go around checking my RAM usage if I’m not experiencing any issues.

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I usually don’t either but I have a system monitor that runs consistently so that is why I took notice of the change because I look at it periodically just out of curiosity. :+1:.

About 45% before and after the upgrade.

seen as high as 32gb’s over London with the orbx add-on, on top of the photogrammetry.
but seem to using more ram on average since update usually sitting at 22gb’s now.

I have 64gb available though, the amount of available ram effects the amount used.

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Doesn’t that system monitor use some system performance to keep it running? Hence, uses some CPU processes, some RAM as well?

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Of course it does. Anything you run uses RAM and resources but not almost 32GB of RAM! At most the monitor only uses about 150Mb of RAM on average! And no it has no effect on the performance of the game.

Even so if you using the same monitors to view the info before and after an update then you would be able to see the difference.

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If memory is available it makes sense to use it.

45% of what? 8,16,32,64GB?

I have not seen a general increase. I have 32GB RAM and it generally uses about 40-50% of that.
Idk if VRAM also plays into this, my VRAM is, depending on scenery, about 80-95% of the 11GB available.

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If memory is available that is fine but out of the 32Gb of RAM I have it’s using up to 30Gb at times and where as before it only would use half that amount before the update. If it uses too much it could CTD or even cause other problems with the processes that run in the background that need use of that RAM as well.

Yeah but like I said it wasn’t using this much memory before the update. It was using like yours using 50 to 60% of it.

I think I will try an experiment when I get home after work and see if there are any third party programs, liveries or scenery that are causing the issue. I will let you know the outcome. :bulb::electric_plug::no_entry_sign::computer: :crazy_face:

Yeah, with the trend to this enormous (and unnecessary) 8K liveries, even a single livery can eat quite a bit of RAM, let alone if you use such liveries for your traffic.

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