Menu and UI freeze

Anyone else have issue with the menu and UI of the game from time to time. It´s in the lobby of the game, when you move around to choose airplane, departures and so on. Its not in game. The menu freeze up and then its super slow. When mouse pointer goes over menus it takes 3-5 sec before they react and the complete menu UI runs like 2 fps.

After a restart of the game it runs smooth. I have a high end PC and the game runs smooth, but these UI freeze and 2 fps makes it very hard to play and move around in the menus.


I haven’t personally experianced this yet.

I am also experiencing this issue. I have to restart to solve, but the issue keeps occurring.

Yes, the UI is horrible here, for no clear reason. I have turned off animations (an option somewhere), but it’s still laggy and the weird flashing-colour buttons (like the Ready to Fly) button seem terribly prone to missing mouse clicks. I get that the game itself might be taxing to my high-end-cpu-with-mediocre-graphics-card, but the out-of-game UI ought to be fine.

The controls configuration is particularly grim to use - there’s well over a second of lag from clicking a button on a joystick, etc to seeing the control light-up in the UI. Given that a game (OK, a sim) should be the very exemplar of an ultra low-latency control-to-display pathway, it’s pretty disappointing.

I guess should be filing zendesk reports, but tbh the perf problems are so egregious that they either already know about them and are going to fix them, or they know about them and don’t care. Either way, the effort of filing a report seems unnecessary.

Try unplugging your controllers and just use keyboard to test. May be a USB issue? If so narrow down whats causing the pause

It’s always worth reporting as they move their attention to the most reported issues :wink:

have this issue too

I’ve been having this issue as well.

I got the problem with freezing menu on to different systems (i7 3770k and Ryzen 2700x). Does somebody know what the root cause of this kind of problem is?

It’s not a controller/USB problem - the 20-something year old Windows USB Game Controller U/I can show an instant response to the buttons. There’s something broken in MSFS with regard to responding promptly to control inputs. I’m guessing it doesn’t affect everyone, but it’s real enough here. Things like scroll-wheel zoom in the cockpit are similarly laggy/jumpy - my guess is it’s all the same issue - some loop is not running at the right rate.

I’m behind the minimum requirements ok, I understand, but I’m able to fly in low-medium with 30 fps just one time my pc goes fly, without lag, or problems, but in menu aways crash, the menu consumes more GPU than the game itself. poorly optimized.

Same issue, stutters in UI and cinematic screens
Edit: On my GTX1060 Max-Q, it shows about 50% usage on the home screen itself

Same for me. It clogges up the complete system.