Menu pop-ups: please raise the priority

The menu positions are still defaulting to left screens on triples. Tickets were filed on this, please get this fixed. Every time you leave the main screen, they default back to the left. It means we are constantly having to reposition them. The problem is particularly a nuisance If you are using WideView for a substitute left view. Please restore the default position to the center screen when you have the windows spread over three triples.

Is your left screen the ‘main’ screen in windows?

No. It’s irrespective of those settings.

Are you talking about this ? This bug is such an annoying bummer, and still there.

ATC, VFR, etc. windows don’t remember their last position after latest patch - Self-Service / Bugs & Issues - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Possibly. As mentioned above though, this is a triple screen issue. However, it could be the same root cause.

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