Merging sceneries

I have made 7 or 8 complete models with Blender and made 7 or 8 separate sceneries. My question is if there is a way to merge them and make only one?
Maybe editing manually the XML files and make only one?

Are you saying that you have multiple projects? You can combine all the gltf/bin/xml files into one folder, so you only have a single project.

Hello!. Yes I have made a test with only two and didn’t work, maybe I made an error somewhere… but also the file layout.json must be modified as there is only one file by scenery and not by project.
I’m going to make a new test with more care… :grin:

The following is the basic structure of a scenery project in MSFS, there is not need to mess with the layout.json, they are automatically created by the compiler
simply put each model file (gltf, bin and xml) in their respective folder (one model each folder)
Just load the project in MSFS, click Build All
The compiler will create a model library (in this example it will be called yourModelLibFolder.bgl)
Now you will be able to see your object among the other scenery objects and place them


Just to add to OverWheat905’s info, the model subfolders are not really required, although they can make things tidier. I just shove everything into the ModelLibFolder.

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Thank you very much guys, this is the information I really need. On the other way, and after a few tries, I succeeded to make it playing with the layout.json.
But I see it is much more better the way you describe and that I am going to try this way. I’ll be back with more news…

I just made a first test to be sure I was doing things right, and everything worked perfect, this is much more easier than fooling around with the layout.json file…
Thank you for help

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Well, I don’t know what I am doing wrong, but everything looks perfect, unless both models, the original or old one and the new replacement are both showing in the scene. The shape files are missing, they have the data to remove old stuff, and funny thing, only one shape file appears on the list, and this one is for the last model.
Shape files and scenery files are all in the same folder SCENE…

Would’n you mind sharing your project (Google drive/email) ? It Is the only way to check that everything Is in the right spot :blush: