Mesh issues in some places

Hi all, I suddenly ran into mesh issues, but surprisingly not everywhere and even more surprisingly, sometimes even with different addons (for the same spot).

First I realized that I have huge morphing issues in the Balearics using the mikea 20m DEM from, here is a screenshot representing it:

As you can see, the autogen trees are already rendered at the correct mesh elevation, but somehow the low res default mesh stays on top, blank with no trees and the closer you get, it morphs down to the high res mesh.

Then, when the Swiss DEM mesh was released, I realized that I see the same issues in Switzerland around the Berner Oberland:

Now comes the irritating part: I see exactly(!) the same mesh morphing errors, when I switch to the Swiss 10m or 20m mesh provided by FSDT. That is basically impossible and somehow tells me that another mesh must be active and loaded with higher priority? I do not know…

I then tried to disable all addons via addon linker (all my freeware is added via addon linker), I kept just the payware, but the issue remains. I did not want to uninstall all other addons, but as none of them except FSDT Zurich is located in Switzerland, I highly doubt that any of them comes with a mesh for Berner Oberland :wink:

Funny enough, when I finally installed the CGL mesh for Switzerland, the issues are at least not in the same spot anymore and greatly reduced (but still visible).

Even more funny, neither the ORBX NZ or Iceland mesh nor any other freeware mesh from Troglodytus (Austria, Pyrenees, Italy, Southern Germany) shows the same issues and disabling them does also not fix Switzerland.

I am totally lost. I have the wild guess that somewhere, something is still active but I have no idea how to find out. Is there any file (like the scenery.cfg) where I could check if something is still active and off my radar because it is not picked up by addon linker or anything?

And why the heck precisely only the Balearics and Switzerland are affected? I am glad for any hint…


Also the new Nordic update created some mesh issues for me. The last 2 pics, one around the north of Norway and one around Oslo.
The first pic is in the alps somewhere between Geneva and the Matterhorn. Have not seen of had mesh issues since update 3 i guess.

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