Message from the CEO of NextGenSimulations re: EMB 110P Bandeirante - Issues after SU5

Dear Community

Here is a message from the CEO of NextGenSimulations which are the author’s of the EMB-110P Bandeirante Add-On Aircraft:

“Dear EMB-110 Customers,

We are aware of the issues with the product since Sim Update 5 was released. It was working fine when we performed the internal tests on the preview builds of MSFS’s SU5, but it seems that there were some last-minute changes to the build which had a negative impact on our product. We were working hard on the SP1, but after the issues reported by all of you, we are changing the priorities, and are currently investigating what went wrong, with option of a subsequent release of an emergency patch (if necessary), while we finish work on the SP1 we are currently developing. Among of the problems reported, we are reviewing the inoperative transponder and minor issues with the flight model. Also, thank you all for the reminder to upload a brief info in our social media. Unfortunately, we do not have our community manager with us anymore, so I am on that handling these topics. Please bear with us.

Thank you very much for your continued support and your feedback. It means a lot for us!

May God bless you all!

Kind regards,

Carlos Daniel Gonzalez G.

CEO & Lead Developer

NextGen Simulations”


Thanks for this. Funny enough just tried it since SU5 with the King Air engine sound mod and was surprised it all worked. Then noticed the transponder did not turn on. However when I contacted ATC and did the read back it must have set the squawk code internally. So not a major issue for me at the moment.

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Good! Say - I actually have a real problem with the EMB-110P… She is now very hard to control - banking left and right as if there was a strong storm. But I have “clear weather” and it is only with this aircraft.

With all other aircrafts - same airport, same time of day / weather - all good. But with EMB its almost impossible to fly…

Any idea what that could be?

Weird. Which airport. I’ll try tomorrow.
I just did a quick take off into a low level cruise from EDDV and live weather (which was rain and low viz). Flew really nicely. Autopilot also fine.

I assume you have no performance mod installed.

Check your control sensitivity…right after the update mine showed all the previous values in the menu, but was erratic and uneven until i hit ‘reset’ on each input, and set them again to fix the issue.

It was RKPK if I remember well - but it doesn’t matter - it happens everywhere - and only with this plane.

Thanks - but all values are ok - and since it happens only with this plane and not with others, it cannot be a settings issue I guess…

:disappointed_relieved: fingers crossed a plane patch released soon. I’m about to start a 90min flight from Germany into France. Let’s see how it goes.

So after a 90min flight only had the issue with the transponder not turning on. Also tried an ILS approach as I had near zero visibility. It captured GS, but didn’t start my descent automatically. So I flipped it off and flew in blind manually. Handled just fine.

The instruments here look all ok :man_shrugging:

Enroute shots

Hey all,
I’m having two issues.

  1. As already reported the Transponder that will not turn on.
  2. This may be something, I’m doing wrong, but my Prop levers have absolutely no effect on Nh. I can move them to ‘Feather’ and everything (Nh / Ng) still runs at 100%. The engine sound changes but that’s all.

Is this one of the ‘Flight model’ issues, or am I doing something wrong?

This is not a study level aircraft - maybe this is just not (yet) modelled? They are working on a SP1 which may bring some additional functionality.
You do not experience strong left/right instability (banking) by coincidence?

So why even have a BETA program? Why have review builds? Is the communication within AsoboSoft company really this bad?

Yes it is and other developers on these forums have stated that unannounced changes were made to the SDK at the last minute and they have no documentation yet on how to re-write code which no longer functions after SU5.

No, I’ve not experienced banking issues. Had feedback from nextgen and they say the transponder issue will be fixed soon. Great news! They’re working on the prop issue but there is a dependency there on Asobo/Msoft.

I’ve found that I need to customize the amount of banking to avoid getting a bank angle callout…by reducing the aileron performance to -1.00
If this helps
I too looking forward to hopefully the transponder being fixed soon
That said just completed another few Air Hauler flights ok :ok_hand:

Appreciate the update, looking forward to SP1. The few short flights I’ve taken with the aircraft have been fine, most issues have been with pilot unfamiliarity, which I’m working on…

I purchased from JustFlight and got an email about an update to the product (ver 1.03). I ran the update that NextGen puts in their start menu folder and it never finds an update. Instead I went to Just Flight, logged in and went under my orders to get the update to it there.

Installing it I noticed that NextGen changed the install somewhat. Where before it defaults to the community folder but would let you change the install path (for those that use addon linker, etc.), now you install it to a default short folder location (you can change this) and it automatically creates a symbolic link in the community folder.

I chose to not use it’s default location and installed it to the same location I did with earlier versions, my Addons folder I created to use with AddonLinker. I then deleted the symbolic link that it created in Community so that I can continue using AddonLinker presets to control when it’s active in game.

Funny, I have the EXACT same issue ragarding the flight model… Right after liftoff, the aircraft starts to bank around as id would in strong winds, however there is no wind…

It only happens with the Bandeirante, after SU5. Before that, everything was fine.
I had the same issue with the King Air, as I was using JayDee’s flight model mod. Since SU5, that seems to be broken.
So I disabled the JayDee mod and the King Air was back to normal. However, the Bandeirante is almost unflyable…

There is a simple solution to that:

Go to General Settings → Flight Model
There you can see on top of the screen “Legacy” written in your case. This is the old FSX flight model
Change it to “Modern” and all is ok with Mrs. Bandeirante :slight_smile:

For some stupid reason MSFS changed this setting to legacy for me - I never touched that - but now all is ok.

Have fun!