Metric system?

I am quite shocked to not see any kilogram options in the payload and fuel sections?
Is this being omitted completely from the sim?

EDIT - Also QNH?!?


It has already been suggested by the community and will likely be included at some point.


Very much needed. The old way of setting this was just from US to Metric (ft or m), but since it apparently needs to be done from scratch maybe we can have options per unit of measure for greater flexibility instead of a general switch.

Couldn’t agree more

usually it is set by the language pack English UK.

It would be very useful for the casual player or one that doesn’t like the imperial system at all to be given the option to use metric units, its a pretty simple conversion on MSFT part.

In real world aviation (globally), including here in Australia (a strong metric country) they use pounds, feet etc just so everyone on the same page when flying internationally. I say to the world that still uses imperial to hurry up and make the common sense change to metric :laughing: .

Considering MSFT are targeting casual, intermediate and immersive simmers it should be a thing.

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I thought it installs if you select English UK

the game suggested en-US, now im stuck with imperial measurements. should be an in game option I guess to change it. for more explanation: Makes sense to get it from system regional settings, but there are some downfalls for that. There can be some applications that use the system values this way, and they will not work properly otherwise, mainly due to date/time and number formating. So if you have it set so that other applications you need will work properly, then there should be an in game option at least for measurement system setting.

They wont change a NM standard. But wil actually are taught both LB and KG in the us for weight and cargo. A nautical mile prob won’t change but Speed can be changed on aircrafts.

Educated pilots in the US can convert to KG. Are expected to know it. Just liek in the medical filed and Veterinary Medical field. LAzy techs use Lb. Real techs are expected to do convert a pets weight from LB to KG or start in KG from the get go. WHen you check medications it is KgXdose never LB

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I simply don’t understand why in flight world imperial system is still used unlike space industry.

I don’t think you work in the aviation industry. The whole world uses KGS APART from the US.

I have my language in the system set to UK and it doesn’t give me the option to change it.

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I’m far from being a pilot but I do work in aviation. We’re forced to learn and use imperial in coalition with pilots. Aircraft weight is based on Lbs and runway length markers are still measured in feet remaining. any dealings I have had with aircraft and airlines alike, they always reference imperial.

Maybe it’s different depending where you are but all the airports I’ve worked at so far have been imperial.

NM is ok as it is commonly used for flights I guess, I was frustrated to see lbs when it came to weight for example and no option to change it.


Agreed: this is a great ommission. We also can’t select hPa instead if inches… Seriously?!? (Also the fact that trans alt is 18000 ft all over the globe annoys me a LOT) I am surprised that FRENCH developers made the sim so American.


I got surprised as well!

Yes, the entire aviation world (except China and Russia, maybe a few others) use NM and feet. However, weights in kg, lengths in meters (TORA, TODA, etc) and Baro in hPA I would not be afraid that is much more common than the imperial system all over the world. Flying on the UK, or Brazil and listen to the ATIS giving me the altimeter in mmHg is not immersive at all.

People always report the kgs missing, but hPa is even more important for flight.


You don’t need to justify your own experience. We do not care. We just need the Matric system option that’s all. Do not add unnecessary noise to this important suggestion.

I justified a statement directed towards, me. The original comment I made was in full support of having metric implemented, simple. Don’t be a negative Nancy :joy: . It’s a flight sim community, you learn new things. That’s what it’s all about. I enjoy listening to people’s experiences no matter the thread.

Never seen neither one of them. But I’m not US too. It makes no sense to base the units of measurement on region or language settings. Who says that’s where I’m flying in the sim or that’s the operation I’m doing? Just make each unit selectable, easy as that.

hPa as well as kg, in Europe we talk for payload and fuel in kilograms! is a big issue!